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Jordan Peele is gearing up for a remake of ‘The People Under The Stairs’

The People Under The Stairs

In recent news, it would appear that horror king, Jordan Peel has set his sights on another remake, this time on a 90s Wes Craven cult classic, 'The People Under The Stairs'. 

Wes Cravens 1991 original features a boy named Fool who breaks into his parents' unkind landlords home, he discovers a disturbing scenario: the incestuous adult siblings residing there have imprisoned a group of young boys and mutilated them. As Fool tries to escape the house unharmed, he meets Alice, the daughter of the family who seems to have avoided the worst of the abuse. Together, Fool and Alice hatch a plan to escape the deeply twisted scenario.

'The People Under the Stairs' will be the first Craven movie to be remade since the director’s death in 2015. It is said that Craven was working on a TV series remake for the film just before his death. Now, Peele will have the chance to honour his memory. The original film was a black comedy with a socially conscious subtext, which we have no doubt will be honoured with Peele at the helm of the production. Peele will be producing under his Monkeypaw Productions banner however, no release date has been confirmed yet, nor has a specific cast for the film.

Peele has had a great year so far, and doesn't seem to be slowing down. The director is currently working on a reboot of 'The Twilight Zone', executive producing TV show 'Hunters', HBO's 'Lovecraft Country', and the upcoming 'Candyman' sequel. He is also reportedly wraping up production on a dark fantasy horror film titled 'Wendell & Wild'.

The original 'The People Under The Stairs' celebrated its 29th anniversary this past Sunday on November 1, which has left many wondering if Peele's production is far behind the anniversary. Perhaps we can expect it on its 30th birthday?


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