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The launch of Showroom-X will be brought to you via an art annex


A new player in the Australian digital retail landscape is set to emerge by the name of Showroom-X, a bespoke digital retail platform spanning an offering of luxury Australian designers, wellness, beauty, homewares and contemporary art.

Said to be a portal for likeminded people who want to delve deeper into the discovery of the Australian fashion and lifestyle landscape, Showroom-X is set to launch to the public on August 17 and is dedicated to providing a 360-degree lifestyle experience from a refined digital environment.

“We are so excited to bring this multifaceted digital platform to our audiences. Australia has so much incredible, diverse talent that deserves international exposure, and Showroom-X is dedicated to showcasing both established and emerging local brands. Aesthetically led, with Australian luxury in mind, we’ll also be telling the stories of the artists, designers and muses from behind the brands.” Founders of Showroom-X, CEO Richard Poulson and Creative Director, Kelly Atkinson have stated.

To celebrate the launch, the site has paired with Paddington gallery, Saint Cloche and owner/curator Kitty Clark to present a digital group show, which will be available for exploration and purchase, and will feature some of the countries most prolific up-and-coming artists. The annex will include talent among the likes of Emily Imeson, Justin Scivetti, Evi O, Mel Lumb, Bec Smith, Elise Cameron-Smith, Katie Daniels, Bettina Willner-Browne, Nat Rosin, Carissa Karamarko, Hannah Nowlan, Fiona Barrett-Clark & Ash Holmes.




"As a curator, I am very much drawn to exploring our awe-inspiring and vast Australian terrain and the role art plays as keeper of our rich, diverse culture that can be an agent for positive change in these disconcerting times. Connection is always the key. In today’s world of hyper-digital-connectivity, fashion, art and design have the ability to make us feel like we’re part of a global community, helping us to identify with one another.

"Beauty for me is often unearthed through the back-story – the people who weave the story – whose threads become woven into other’s stories through sharing. We feel so privileged to work with Showroom-X to take Australian talent, culture and beauty to the world.” Clark explains of the collaboration.

With a personal approach to retail grounded in the desire to see diverse Australian creative talent championed, the platform realises this in the e-commerce style offering of iconic and emerging local designers, including Christopher Esber, Sir The Label, Ellery, Aje, Kit-X, Esse Studios, Ten Pieces and Romance Was Born. We can hardly wait to browse all that is on offer, especially in a time where supporting our favoured Australian creatives is more important than ever.


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