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Paul Mescal dancing in a tank top is the gift that keeps giving

Paul Mescal Rolling Stones

Feed your thirst.

Paul Mescal is the star of the newest Rolling Stones music video for their song Scarlet.

The video opens with Mescal addressing the camera. "Hey Scarlet," he says. "I'm a little bit drunk."

"I'm very sorry. I love you. So, I'm going to play this song."

He presses play on a laptop, music floods the room - and he starts dancing. Reminiscent of Risky Business, we follow Mescal as he slides and shimmies his way around an empty house. It's cute, awkward, funny and sexy as hell.

Watch the video below. And then be ready to watch it again. And again.


We're particularly taken in by the close up selfie-style shots as he sings along to the music. And while Mescal appears to be missing his signature-Connell-Waldron silver chain, he does sport an undone black bow tie - which is all kinds of sexy in our opinion. Certainly a new reason to be hot under the collar.

The song in question, Scarlet is one of three unheard tracks featured on the Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup 2020 - which is due for release in on September 4.

Paul Mescal rose to fame this year for his raw portrayal of Connell Waldron in screen adaptation of Sally Rooney's Normal People. If you somehow missed this, drop what you're doing and go watch it immediately, it's still available on Stan.

Connell is burly, popular and athletic. Upon sight, he appears to be nothing more than a blunt instrument. But as we get to know this character we discover a deeply empathetic and poetic side. He's a writer, a creator and quiet soul pained by anxiety and the anguish of his reality.

In an interview earlier this year with Porter, Mescal spoke about how his character and the series Normal People show that consent is sexy. And that he one day hopes to find a something like what Connell and Marianne share together.


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