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Everything we know about the new thriller pipped as an Oscar contender, ‘The Killing of Two Lovers’

The Killing of Two Lovers

When it comes to thrillers, the RUSSH team is 100% there. Especially during a time where the excitement in our own lives has been dulled right down, there's nothing we enjoy more than being swept up in an entirely fictional tale. While there's been more than a few series to keep us going these past few months; (The White Lotus, Mare of Easttown, Nine Perfect Strangers – need we continue?), it's been some time since a new movie has really swept us off our feet. The Killing of Two Lovers, however, could be here to change that.

First premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, going on to win the 2020 Atlanta Film Festival Award for Best Narrative Feature and now, being pipped as an early Oscar contender for 2022; this certainly feels like one to watch. The film, which was directed and written by award-winning filmmaker, Robert Machoian, follows David, who is desperately trying to keep his family of six together during a separation from his wife.

Machoian was inspired to create the story after witnessing the marriages of some of his close friends and family crumble.

“It got me thinking about my male friends who really define themselves as good fathers and enjoy being fathers. Losing the everyday experience of putting your kids to bed, or sitting on the couch and watching TV with them, caused a few of them to start acting out of character, which was so interesting to me – to see how they responded to this aspect of their life change. I really wanted to explore this kind of experience through a character like David because I think that it’s something you don’t understand until it happens to you," he shared.

Intrigued? Here's everything you need to know about The Killing of Two Lovers ahead of its September 16 release.


What is The Killing of Two Lovers about?

"The Killing of Two Lovers follows David, who desperately tries to keep his family of six together during a separation from his wife, Nikki. They both agree to see other people but David struggles to grapple with his wife's new relationship," reads the film's official synopsis. What follows is a gripping tale of deceit, uncertainty and betrayal that will have you hooked the whole way through.


Who stars in the film?

The film features captivating performances by multi-award-winning actor and executive producer Clayne Crawford (known for his role in Lethal Weapon series and starring in the upcoming Machoian film The Integrity of Joseph Chambers); Sepideh Moafi (The Deuce, The L Word: Generation Q) and Chris Coy (The Deuce).

Speaking of his role as David, Clayne shared; “It was easy for me to connect with David – we all understand betrayal, we all understand sadness, and if you have a child in your life you understand that love is unlike anything else in the world. It was a gift to play a dad and to have an opportunity to show this thing that I have inside of me.”


When can you watch The Killing of Two Lovers in cinemas?

The film will release in Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Brisbane cinemas on September 16; and Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra cinemas when lockdown has ended. You will also be able to watch the film on TVOD services (iTunes, Google Play, Fetch, YouTube) come November 3. In the meantime, you can watch the full trailer below.


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