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Obsessed with ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’? Here are 9 TV shows to dig into next

For many of us, Nine Perfect Strangers is just the tonic following The White Lotus' abrupt ending last month. For others, the series (along with Nicole Kidman's accent) is something to eschew with a firm hand. Regardless of where your feelings lie, there's no denying the series has a vice-like grip on our collective attention. Although if we're being completely honest, this really isn't that much of a surprise, after all, we've been on the edge of our seats thanks to Liane Moriarty once before. But as we're drip fed episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers once a week (an infuriating thing for those who prefer the good ol' binge watch) that leaves a whole lot of time between episodes to dwell on questions like who on earth is trying to kill Masha? and when the hell are Frances and Tony going to stop toying with us and make out already?!

So in order to quieten our minds and bring some semblance of peace while we wait for the next episode to air, we've compiled a list of TV shows like Nine Perfect Strangers to settle into in the meantime.


The White Lotus


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An obvious one, but nevertheless a necessary watch if you haven't already entered the world of The White Lotus and its' dubious guests. Both shows are tethered by their social commentary, polarising characters and looming scent of death. Although, only one delivers on the Jennifer Coolidge content we desperately crave.


Big Little Lies


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Before there was Nine Perfect Strangers, Liane Moriarty was making waves for Big Little Lies, her first book-turned-TV-series. Tune in for a powerful lineup featuring, yes, Nicole Kidman, but also Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep, Zoe Kravitz and Shailene Woodley. Stay for rich mum drama and a sweaty, post-yoga Kravitz...drool.




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While Midsommar is not exactly a TV series, it will definitely provide the cultic hit you're searching for. Also, the film stars Florence Pugh who, it must be noted, we can't take our eyes off of, even when gory death scenes give us plenty of reasons to.


Killing Eve


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With all the flashbacks to Masha's previous life in Nine Perfect Strangers, I can't help but imagine her as a Villanelle-type character; Russian, with a penchant for senseless murder and Sandra Oh. In fact, the only thing that could improve Nine Perfect Strangers is indeed Sandra Oh. Food for thought Jonathan Levine.




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When Ruby and Billy broke up in college they made each other a promise, that if one day either of them texted the word run and the other replied with the same verb, they would both drop everything to be together once more. Well of course, this happens and much like the characters of Nine Perfect Strangers what the couple is running from eventually catches up with them. Also Phoebe Waller-Bridge produces and acts in the show, so...


The Undoing


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Another Nicole Kidman cameo, but the role that sticks with you in The Undoing is played by Hugh Grant. That bumbling, cheeky English thing he does in literally every other role he's ever had is turned on its head in this dark whodunnit series about a mega-wealthy New York family.


The Sinner


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The Sinner is purely on this list because like Masha, Cora's past is the slow burning secret that the series revolves around and trust me, you are going to want to stick around to find out exactly what happens - it's dark! Jessica Biel also scored her first Emmy nomination for her performance in the first season and she is truly deserving.




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At the head of the Byrde family is Marty and Wendy. Along with their two children, the unit uproots the Ozarks in order to pull off a money-laundering scheme and avoid severe consequences at the hands of a Mexican drug cartel. As with the Marconi family in Nine Perfect Strangers, the Byrdes have a lot of stuff they need to sort out just in case you hadn't already caught on from the cartel bit.


Mare of Easttown

Like Masha, the M-named heroine of Easttown is trying to piece together the various problems within her community - although Mare is the town sheriff and not some woo-woo cultic leader. The series begins with a luke-warm missing persons case and the more recent murder of a local girl. As always, Mare will have to grapple with her own personal struggles, like the suicide of her son, before she can be of use to the people around her.

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