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Could it be, a second season of ‘Mare of Easttown’?

Kate Winslet is playing our hearts like a fiddle with recent hints at a second season of Mare of Easttown. From the outset, we always knew the HBO seven-episode miniseries was only intended run for one season. But like the petulant little children we are, we want more!

If we had asked the cast and crew for another season of Mare of Easttown after shooting the series, according to Kate Winslet the response would have been an outright no. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly on Monday Winslet explained, "At the end of shooting we were like, ‘Holy hell, we can never do that again. If HBO brings up the idea of a season 2, we all just have to say absolutely not. There’s just no way we could possibly do it."

But for all Mare stans, a renewal could very soon be in the works. "And then there was talk, like, could there be? Especially when the show was getting such good responses," said Winslet.


What would another season look like?

What would another rendezvous into the lives of Easttown look like, you ask? Since, spoiler ahead, Detective Colin Zabel was murdered we know Evan Peters won't be back. But fingers crossed other members of the cast like Guy Pearce, Angourie Rice and the sharp Jean Smart will be on board. When asked whether she would be open to the idea of the series' renewal it gave Kate Winslet some pause.

"I also have to figure out if I can do it. Can I go through it again? It did cost me a lot emotionally to be her, and I have to figure out if I can summon it all up again and do it again," she said.

But she did reveal that the shows creator, Brad Inglesby, has "some very cool ideas" for where he could take the HBO series. Seeing as the first season received 16 Emmy nominations, it's hard to imagine what they could do to better the show. A trip to Mars? Introduce Timothée Chalamet?

For those among us who did not immediately jump on the already overloaded Mare of Easttown bandwagon when the series first came out, here's a little round up. Set in the fictional Easttown, a sleepy country town somewhere in Pennsylvania. We are introduced to grieving police-detective, Mare Sheehan, played by Winslet, as she undertakes the murder of a local girl while already trying to solve a now-cold missing persons case. Mare is a gruff and hardened single mum and grandmother, living in a small community where everyone lives in each others pockets.

As it stands, there's been no offical word from HBO about the rumours since June this year. At that time, Casey Bloys, the chief of programming for HBO said that the studio have had "no real conversations about what a season 2 would look like." But if the situation changes, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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