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HBO is adapting yet another book for the big screen and this one seems eerily close to home

Station Eleven

Ah, another book to television series. Clearly, we can't get enough of seeing great literary hits transform for the big screen – and why should we? Doubling down on excellent content seems like the obvious solution to all the spare time we currently have on our hands. Hollywood of course, also knows this; taking some of the world's bestselling novels over the last 10 years and bringing them to life (visually). Major streaming platform HBO Max has become quite the craftsman in the way of screen adaptations – Game of Thrones anyone? And while you're probably thinking, how many more bestsellers could possibly be out there, HBO is releasing its next miniseries just in time. Introducing, Station Eleven.

The 10-episode limited-drama series is based on the international bestseller by author Emily St. John Mandel and explores eerily similar (but definitely more dramatic) post-pandemic circumstances to the ones we're currently living through. Thankfully, this fictional tale promises to be more captivating than traumatising, so if it has caught your attention so far, here's everything you need to know about the upcoming series, Station Eleven.


What is HBO's series, Station Eleven about?

Station Eleven is a show that requires concentration. The series is a post-apocalyptic saga that spans multiple timelines; telling the story of survivors of a devastating flu as they attempt to rebuild and reimagine the world anew. Sound familiar? The survivors in question happen to be part of a charismatic travelling thespians crew, known as the Traveling Symphony. When they return to their hometown after the flu has run its course, they find their friends missing and replaced by a cultish uprising and their “prophet.”

As the series switches between pre and post-Year Zero, we learn of the lives the characters lived before and the bonds that remain 20 years after the outbreak.


Who has been cast in Station Eleven?

Canadian actor Mackenzie Davis will play Kirsten Raymonde; a former child actor and current member of the Traveling Symphony, who serves as the novel’s primary protagonist. Alongside her is Himesh Patel, who you might remember from the 2019 Beatles-inspired comedy Yesterday; taking on the role of paparazzo turned entertainment journalist turned EMT Javeen Chaudhary.


Do we have a release date for the series?

Originally, the 10-part series was looking at a 2020 release but was put on hold during the pandemic. Unfortunately, there have been no further production updates since then on when Station Eleven will land on our screens. In the meantime, we'll be going 'old school' and taking the time to read Mandel's novel. While trying to survive our own pandemic, of course.


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