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‘The Brothers Sun’ on Netflix is pure entertainment from an all-Asian team

the brothers sun

We could watch Michelle Yeoh cut onions and not get bored, so when we heard the Academy Award-winning actress had signed onto a new Netflix series called The Brothers Sun, we were intrigued. Find everything we know about the eight-part series, below.


What's The Brothers Sun about?

Michelle Yeoh breathes fresh life into a common archetype she's found herself playing. In The Brothers Sun she stars as Eileen Sun, the wife of a powerful Taiwanese triad who's just been killed. The film opens with her son Charles, also well-versed in the underworld of organised crime, having to fend off assassins. Following the attack, Charles must head to Los Angeles to protect his mother and train his oblivious younger brother Bruce in the family business.

Bruce, a hapless student who has wasted his tuition on improv classes, does not take well to the news when his macho older brother who he hasn't seen since childhood, shows up on his front doorstep. Yet the two must work together to thwart their enemies, and in doing so repair old family hurts. Throw in some complicated fight sequences and third culture comedy, and it's said to be a good time.


Who's involved?

According to Deadlinethe eight-part series was created by an all-Asian writers room. As mentioned, Michelle Yeoh takes the lead, while Justin Chien and Sam Li play her two sons, Charles and Bruce. Also cast is Highdee Kuan, Alice Hewkin, and Madison Hu. The Brothers Sun is co-created by Brad Falchuk and newcomer Byron Wu.


Is there a trailer?

There sure is, you can find it below. Otherwise, why not dive headfirst into the series and see for yourself?


What about a release date?

You can tune into The Brothers Sun now, given it landed on Netflix on January 4.

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