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Three lil weirdos are making a movie – will you watch it?

If you told us The Weeknd was reportedly co-writing and starring in a new movie this year with Barry Keoghan and Jenna Ortega. I probably would say you're lying, because we all know a Tedros, Olive Quick and Wednesday Adams cross over would blow our minds, probably for the amount of laws they would break for being the absolute freakiest movie.

But judging the internets reaction to Saltburn and how you're all wishing A24 produced the movie to buy Felix's bath water... we see you. We know you're going to love what is already considered 2024's freakiest movie yet.

All that is known so far about the film is that Trey Edward Shults will be the director, debuting his second film after his first Indi film Waves in 2019. While 2023 has been Jenna Ortega and Barry Keoghans year, The Weeknd might still be recovering from critically acclaimed disaster The Idol. 

Who's involved?

It's a pretty star-studded cast so far. Along with the Weeknd and Jenna Ortega, the film will also star Barry Keoghan who recently starred in The Banshees of Inisherin for which he is currently nominated for best supporting actor. He is also well known for his unforgettably eerie role in The Killing of a Sacred Deer. 

Tesfaye will work with 2019's Waves director Trey Edwards Shults to co-write the untitled film. Reza Fahim who also co-created The Idol will also be involved in the script. It's safe to say that the film will have a pretty great soundtrack, as Fahim, Kevin Turen, and Harrison Kreiss of Oneohtrix Point Never will score the movie. They scored the Safdie brother's stress-inducing Uncut Gems.

What else do we know so far?

The film doesn't have a title yet and there aren't a lot of plot details so far on the unreleased film, but the script must have been good. Deadline reports that both Ortega and Keoghan signed onto the project after reading it.

While there is also no confirmed date, this unknown movie has been speculated since the beginning of 2023, where 2024 has been speculated the year of it premiere. There is lots of of speculations about this mystery film, and if its anything like the casts past performances of being wee weirdos, maybe this is a love story about two of them entangling into a toxic love story. And if it's anything like The Idol we can expect lots of toxicity and probably not the best reviews.



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