We matched every character in ‘The Bear’ with their star signs (Carmy is obviously a Cancer)

It's t-minus 30 days till the third season of FX's hit show The Bear is released, and it has us equal parts hungry, stressed and somewhat confused about why saying "Yes, Chef!" has such a satisfying effect on us...

And after two seasons already of the TV series already, we can only guess that season three will be a pressure cooker of clashing personalities – burnt egos simmering alongside fiery ambition. The tension hangs thick enough to snap a whisk in two – but we want to know: what makes Richie so fiery, and Carmy so relentlessly driven?

Do their celestial alignments fuel the kitchen's relentless pace, or do they actually offer balance amidst the clattering pans and shouts? With a sprinkle of skepticism and a dash of celestial wisdom, we'll uncover whether these self-assigned star signs are spot-on or wildly off the mark.


Cancer: Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto


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We're buckling on our knees and saying "Yes, chef!" to Carmen (and Jeremy Allen-White). While putting up a facade, he's quite the emotional one, preferring to express that he cares by showing or doing, rather than telling. He can't quite seem to communicate his feelings and usually shies away from forced intimate moments (unless he's locked in a freezer of course). And of course, like a typical Cancer he's very family-driven with a strong connection to home – even if that family is as broken and privy to blow-ups as the Berzattos. And whether for the best or worst, he's not one to let go of things quite easily...


Virgo: Sydney Adamu


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On the contrary to her business partner Carmy – Sydney is witty, analytical, driven, and likes to think she's always right. Our girl loves a spreadsheet, and likes to be in control. Which might make sense why the two business partners can't seem to agree on the same thing. But perhaps opposites attract... let's hope we will find out next season.


Sagittarius: Richard "Richie" Jerimovich (aka Cousin)

Cousin is a fire sign for sure: he's quick to anger and has been seen throughout the seasons to take some time to mature as he can become a bit blunt and straightforward. But under that he's passionate, funny and very loyal. He has quite the thirst for knowledge when he's interested in something, and he loves to debate an idea.


Aries: Tina Marrero


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Another firey member of The Original Beef of Chicagoland's kitchen is Tina. Fuelled with passion and one to take action, she's always been portrayed as independent – someone who is unafraid to forge her own path to get where she wants. As Sydney's sous-chef she's also not afraid to be a little bit bossy.


Taurus: Marcus Brooks


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The sweet and sensible one. Marcus' quiet charm is the antidote to the rest of the kitchen's chaos. He's content in his own world of mixing, proofing and icing his desserts out the back of the kitchen – perhaps a little too in his own world at times. As we've seen, his skills definitely bloom when nurtured – he's a words of affirmation kind of guy – and it's easy to see he's creative and hardworking. However, not one to usually take risks, we see Marcus challenge those Taurus traits as he steps out of his comfort zone in the past season.


Pisces: Natalie "Sugar" Berzatto

The glue holding The Bear's kitchen together is Carmy's intuitive and anxiety-ridden sister affectionately known as "Sugar". As the group's unofficial "mum", she craves structure and thrives on creating order in the often-chaotic restaurant. But beneath that capable exterior lies a romantic streak, evident in her persistent, one-sided connection with her mother – a connection that, much like a no-show reservation, seems destined for disappointment


Aquarius: Neil Fak


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Fak is definitively a free-spirit – whether he's messing around with Richie, or using his creativity to figure out an alternative way to fix something in the restaurant. He's a sociable guy who seems to fit the archetype of the loveable fool – everyone knows him and (despite his incompetence) loves him. While unpredictable, Fak's hiccups always come from a good place.


Scorpio: Michael "Mikey" Berzatto

We can't help but be drawn to Mikey, he's charming and appealing – he had such an intensity about him that even young Carmy wanted to be like him. He had that magnetic charm to persuade people in the room that a story about his drunk night out with his cousin was the most invigorating and best experience of his life. But boy, like a Scorpio did he have some secrets. Secrets that are even still yet to be unravelled. His self-destructive tendencies were ultimately his most fatal flaw.


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