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Oh my… Jeremy Allen White strips down for Calvin Klein

jeremy allen white calvin klein

Scrolling Instagram falls very low on my list of the best ways to wake up. But it has its moments. Take, for example, this morning when bleary-eyed I opened the app to find Jeremy Allen White in his tighty whities for Calvin Klein. A blessing, no?

I mean, in my case Calvin Klein is preaching to the converted. Anyone who has watched Shameless, The Bear or the trailer for The Iron Claw is clearly a stan. Better yet if you're Rosalía (get it, girl). But the new spring 2024 campaign, which was shot by Mert Alas and captures the actor undressing against the New York skyline, is sure to sway any fence-sitters. You'll find them in comments saying things like "How am I supposed to just continue my day?" (valid) and "How much for the ones he’s wearing asking for a friend?" (no but really, how much?).

Soon enough the campaign shots will be blown up on billboards across New York City. Who needs coffee when you can be jolted to life with Jeremy Allen White's rock hard abs?


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Clearly one of Calvin Klein's New Year's resolutions was to provoke the girlies with a thirst trap of everyone's favourite hot chef. It's a noble endeavour, we just pray integrate posters into the offering of men's trunks and denim too.

Speaking to GQ about the campaign, Jeremy Allen White said, "I didn't see this in my future necessarily... who grows up thinking, 'Yeah, I'll be in a Calvin Klein campaign?'" He's humble too.


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While we're hungry for further details (and footage) from the spring 2024 Calvin Klein campaign, there'll be ample opportunity to see the beefcake in his boxers once A24's wrestling drama, The Iron Clawdrops in Australian cinemas on 18 January 2024.

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