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Gotham City is heating up once more: ‘The Batman’ is getting a sequel

the batman sequel

Are you sitting down? We sure hope so because this just in: The Batman is getting a sequel. Normally news from the DC universe would be a blip in our morning reading, but as devoted disciples to both Zoë Kravitz and Robert Pattinson we are unsurprisingly overcome.

While most of us were drooling into our popcorn caught in a state of panic that can be perfectly summed up by this TikTok, anyone that actually followed the plot of The Batman should have expected a sequel especially considering its ending. Naturally, we had a lot of questions. Namely, what is to become of The Riddler? What is to become of Gotham? And what unhinged plan will The Riddler concoct alongside his maniacal cellmate? More to the point, when will Catwoman and Batman do the dirty?

What is the plot of The Batman sequel?

While little has been promised in terms of casting, including the return of Kravitz, we can take comfort in the knowledge that Robert Pattinson will reprise his role for the sequel thanks to confirmation from Variety. After all, no one can do stringy-haired, pallid-skinned, whipping boy Bruce Wayne like our favourite himbo. And while many were critical of the caped crusader's defeated disposition, it's clear that Warner Bros. are setting us up for a triumphant comeback. But first, they're forcing us to question the value of Batman's campaign against criminals while his alter-ego sits on the largest fortune in the city. Imagine what Gotham would look like is Bruce shared his wealth? Fingers crossed we'll soon find out.

Has a release date been set?

At this stage, the sequel is not quite there yet. Even now, The Batman is still doing the rounds at local cinemas. So we're going to just sit tight until more information eventually seeps out. As always, when it does we'll be sure to let you know.

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