Here’s where to buy tarot card sets, whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast

Where to buy tarot card sets whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast

The world of tarot card sets, crystals, and general divination is a confusing one for those of us new to the concept, and can leave us wondering where to start when looking to dip in our toes. Die-hard tarot fans will have you know: it's not a form of fortune telling. Instead, it's more like a mirror – reflecting your thoughts and hidden feelings and truths, allowing you to use that information to make decisions about yourself, your life, your emotions, health, career and more.


What is tarot?

Tarot cards are a tool to aid you in your journey to tap into your inner intuition and the universal wisdoms and energies that help to guide your life. Originating several hundred years ago in 14th century Europe, most decks consist of 78 cards, broken into a Major Arcana (22 cards) and a Minor Arcana (56 cards). Major Arcana cards generally look to represent significant life events, milestones or obstacles – perhaps a big move, a break up, or a close loss – while the Minor Arcana usually signify smaller day-to-day happenings in the reader's life. Minor Arcana cards, like a stereotypical deck of cards, are broken up into four suits numbered one through 10, with four additional Court cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King).

Usually, these suits are: Pentacles, Wands, Cups and Swords. Each suit has a different theme that they attest to, despite their similar structure.


Where to buy tarot cards?

But we're not just here to show you how to use tarot cards, we're here to show you where to shop for them. There are a million different stores slinging beautifully illustrated and unique deck designs, each speaking to a different aesthetic and purpose. But we thought we'd round up a selection of our favourite designs to get you inspired. Check out our favourite tarot card sets below.

1. UNEARTHED CRYSTALS White Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The White Rider-Waite card deck is the most universal and popular deck to own. It's a great place for relative newbies to the tarot game to start – and has a wonderful, hand-drawn aspect to the illustrations, making them simple and easy to read!


2. Anima Mundi tarot deck

This dark and stormy tarot card set features a gorgeous set of original nature-inspired artworks by artist Megan Wyreweden, and features a guide book, nature deck, and an occult divination card. Perfect for a brooding night in.


3. Ethereal Visions: Illuminated Tarot Deck


Drawing inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement, these illustrated cards adopt a distinct and meticulous aesthetic focussed on craftsmanship – and features two additional Major Arcana cards. Every image on the deck is hand-drawn and coloured, and illuminated with gold foil stamping.


4. Luna Somnia Tarot Deck 

A tarot card set for the magical among us, this deck brings together traditional imagery inspired by the symbolism of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, and combines it with celestial and astrological symbols in an effort to connect you with the universe and its cosmic energy.


5. 1909 Tarot Awakened Luxury Tarot Card Set

This luxurious set is a perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of beauty and atmosphere to their tarot practice. They're crafted from PVC plastic, making them fully waterproof and much more durable than your average card set. It also comes with a convenient storage case.


6. Lucid Dreams Beginners Tarot Deck Eclipse

A set for the starry-eyed beginner, this 78-card deck comes complete with the full Major and Minor Arcana cards that come with a beautiful midnight velvet finish and gold foil design. This set is also made using 100% certified sustainable paper and will come to you in 100% recyclable (mostly biodegradable) packaging.


7. KILLSTAR Tarot Cards

These metallic red tarot cards are a great alternative for those who lean toward a more gothic sensibilities, custom designed with special, holographic print. Create truly witchy atmosphere at your next reading, or simply use as decor.


8. Ok Tarot ~ the simple deck for everyone

This minimal, pink, hand-drawn deck features simple illustrations of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana by artist and author Adam J. Kurtz. They bring a sense of lightness and playfulness to your practice, helping to spark conversation brimming with hopefulness and good energy. The deck illustrations also purposely avoid depictions of race, religion and gender in order to aid you in finding your own focus, intention and clarity in your readings.


9. Cats Rule The Earth Tarot

This whimsical deck and guidebook is a great option for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Offering a fun and clever take on the stereotypical cards, this cat-themed deck is also a fantastic gift idea for the feline-obsessed among us.


10. The Carnival at The End of The World Tarot Deck

An oracle for uncertain times, this tarot card set features a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic display of the macabre. New York-based artists Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick are the visual masterminds behind this set, which consists of watercolour and gouache paintings akin to old horror films, featuring circus clowns and supernatural events. There are also six bonus cards in the deck.


11. Ohara Koson Tarot - Japanese Tarot 

This beautiful Ohara Koson Tarot card set is inspired by 22 pieces of traditional Japanese paint and print art from the late 19th and early 20th centuries known as the shin-hanga or 'new prints' movement.


12. The Guardian Of The Night Tarot

An invitation to find beauty, wherever you are on your path, this deck of tarot cards is based on the traditional Rider Waite tarot, but blends the essence of nocturnal animal spirits and archetypal guardians to offer you the gifts of their wisdom and to inspire your readings – even on the darkest of nights.

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