Which star signs make the closest friends? Here’s your best match

star signs best friends

When we think of compatibility, it's often in terms of romantic love. Who is our match made in heaven? But imagine if we approached our friendships with as much curiosity? Too often platonic love takes a backseat to lovers, past and future. Which is strange, considering our closest friendships can come with a lifetime warranty when nurtured. So if you've ever found yourself looking to the stars for guidance in matters of the heart, why not apply that same strategy to your friendships? When paired together, these star signs have the potential to become the best of friends. Find your perfect match, below.


Pragmatic and no-nonsense, Capricorns need people who are similarly wired or will challenge them. For this reason, list-keeping Virgo is a great match, as you'll both keep each other on track be it in your career or when it comes to who you choose to shack up with. Alternatively, creative Cancerians are masters at drawing out Capricorn's more sensitive side and will remind them that emotions don't have to be a sign of weakness.



This air sign lives in the realm of ideas. You're a free-thinker and tend to exist as an outsider because of this. When looking for friends, you gravitate towards people who don't box themselves in. The adventurous spirit of Sagittarius will greatly appeal to you, both being humanitarians and people who want to feel part of something greater than themselves. As will Geminis, who are curious and open-minded and can communicate their ideas long into the early AM.



It would be easy to lump Pisces in with its fellow water signs. Scorpio and Cancer would make an agreeable friendship circle; they understand your emotional depths, are equally intuitive, and will indulge your most whimsical fantasies. But for a sign prone to getting caught up in feeling, the grounding presence of Libra will help you find equilibrium and snap out of your more delusional moments.



Mars-ruled Aries needs friends who can keep up with their spontaneity, drive and go-getter attitude. Sagittarius is a natural companion, and will follow you along on your most impulsive adventures: be it egging the house of an ex or booking that overseas trip you can't quite afford but are determined to take anyway. Leo's radiant spark and determination to leave their mark on the world is also appealing to you. Pray for anyone who runs into all three of you on a night out.



Sensual and ruled by Venus, Taureans have an appreciation for beauty and the finer things in life, and will look for people who will enable rather than shame these key aspects of its nature. Homebody Cancer is a harmonious pairing with Taurus as you both desire security and comfort. With a tendency towards laziness, fellow Earth sign Virgo will understand how to help you fulfil your potential, without disturbing the sumptuous bubble you've created around yourself.



You'll find that as a Gemini, you have the unique ability to mesh with most star signs. This is owed to your strengths as a communicator and your natural curiosity. However, the high-octane energy of Leo will pry you away from your mind (like Gretchen Weiners, it's full of secrets) and ease you back into your body and the present moment. Otherwise, Aquarius and you will hit it off, exchanging theories, gossip (and conspiracies). Aries and Sagittarius are also likely to breach your inner sanctum.



You will find fellow water signs like Scorpio and Pisces are able to inhabit your world seamlessly. With Pisces you'll have access to your inner child and the outer limits of imagination, while Scorpio will offer you a fiercely loyal pal, and of all people you both have the tact and touch to get past each other's tough exterior. You will also find a steady match in Taurus, who enjoy indulging in homewares, art, good food and clothes just as much as you. Capricorn will whip you into shape during your most sulky moments, when perspective and practicality is just what the doctor ordered.



Drama always follows the spotlight-loving Leo, so you may find your circles constantly shifting and evolving. However, given its extremely loyal and proud nature, Leo will have a handful of ride or dies. Chances are they're people who can match their outgoing and flamboyant spirit; so Aries and Sagittarius. For an opposite, but no less harmonious pairing, Leo will find solace in the company of Libra, who is just as luxury-loving but more lowkey. Think of the dinner parties you could host?



For perfectionist Virgo, industrious signs like Capricorn will understand your drive and need for organisation – hence the shared Google calendars. Together you can achieve world domination or simply figure out the best strategy for winning all those Instagram giveaways. There may also be some merit in a pairing with Cancer and Taurus, both of whom can help you unwind and get in touch with your more sensual side.



Diplomatic Libra can find compatibility with most signs. Their easy-going nature means they can have a conversation with nearly everyone. You'll find the easiest friendships to strike will be with fellow air signs, Gemini and Aquarius. However, fire signs will help keep things exciting. Namely, Leo, whose gregarious nature will bring you out of your shell, and Sagittarius, who will be behind all your "you had to be there" stories.



Scorpios struggle to confide in others and can smell dishonesty from a mile away. However, a Scorpio pal is one for life. They're intensely loyal and protective – so beware anyone that tries to cross you. You'll normally find fellow water signs Cancer and Pisces in Scorpio's close friends. The no-nonsense nature of Virgos and Capricorns mean there's room for them too. Otherwise, Scorpios will be attracted to the generosity and authenticity of Leo.



Fun-loving and freewheeling, Sagittarius likes to surround itself with yes men. These tend to be Aries, Leo and sometimes Gemini. However, Aquarius who tends to be more theoretical than action-oriented could present another outlet for the experience-hungry centaur. While, Gemini can offer up ideas for brings you curiosity and the ability to ask more questions, to see new perspectives and to hold multiple perspectives on the same topic.

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