Living / Postcards

NYC with Double Disco’s Ana Ifould

Dirty martinis and home cooked meals, Ana Ifould’s New York is a place to indulge when the mood strikes and to retreat when solo time calls. In the fall she’s all about french fries and red wine, bookstores and ballet, and when in doubt, Bacaro Restaurant in Chinatown is never a bad idea. Here, the founder of Double Disco shares the places that fuel her creative desires.

Beauty / IN THE BAG

The right attitude from Jin Soon Choi

The Korea-born, New York-local nail artist Jin Soon Choi has made a career out of artistic nails. Having worked with the biggest names in fashion and featured in some of the largest publications, here Choi tells us her career defining moments and the home care we can all do.

Interiors / Living

Café Henrie, New York

From the neon Henrie sign out the front to the pink and blue tabletops inside to the varying artwork displayed on the walls – Café Henrie’s playful aesthetic serves as a gentle reminder to not take yourself too seriously.

Interiors / Living

Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern, NY

Georgia O’Keeffe is the pioneering modernist artist whose aesthetic sensibilities extended well beyond the canvas. From her wardrobe to her living spaces to the way she posed for the camera, her preference for elemental shapes, clean lines and organic silhouettes infused every aspect of her being.

Destinations / Living

Two Hands’ New York food tour

Aussie expats Henry Roberts and Giles Russell are the duo behind Two Hands – a cafe and restaurant with outposts in Nolita and TriBeCa, respectively. Here the pair shares with RUSSH their places to eat and drink when the occasion calls.