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The trailer for ‘Suspicion’ has dropped featuring cult-cinema darling Uma Thurman in the lead

suspicion trailer

Apple TV+ has released the inaugural trailer of Suspicion, its latest crime and mystery thriller starring cult-cinema darling, Uma Thurman. The series centres on businesswoman Catherine Newman’s (Thurman) son being abducted in New York, with the trailer cultivating a sense of paranoia and mistrust amongst a group of expats accused of committing the act.

The trailer opens to the peaceful setting of a chapel wedding, where upon the bride is arrested as she walks down the aisle with no further explanation provided. Revealed to be Natalie Thompson (Georgina Campbell), she is taken for questioning and is accused of conspiring to kidnap Leo Newman, a social media protégé and son of Thurman’s character. Concurrently, three other British expats in New York have been taken into custody, with the same allegations levelled at them.

The four accused collaborate in an effort to prove their innocence, searching to uncover who has framed them and why. As the trailer continues, it becomes clear through all four being strangers to each other, none can be certain at least one isn’t the real assailant behind the abduction. The trailer also eludes to Catherine Newman hiding a secret, eluding to the idea this may be a motive for her son’s disappearance.

The series is based on the Israeli show, False Flag, an award-winning series following the lives of five everyday Isreli citizens who realised they were all suspects in the Iranian Minsiter of Defence’s kidnapping.

Appearing in Suspicion alongside Thurman and Campbell include Kuna Nayyar, Noah Emmerich, Elizabeth Henstridge, Angel Coulby, Elyes Gabel and Tom Rhys-Harries. The series was created by Rob Williams, also serving as the showrunner and executive producer, alongside Chris Long, Howard Burch, Avi Nir and Anna Winger. Long is directing, with Sarin McLeod producing.

You can watch the trailer for Suspicion below, with it streaming exclusively on Apple TV+ from February 4 2022.

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