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Zoë Kravitz debuts blue hair in the trailer for tech thriller ‘Kimi’

Everyday when I trawl the news cycle the one thing I am always searching for is fresh Zoë Kravitz content. Take this as a sign of the vice-like grip she has on my life. That hair, her style, those lips — she is a dream. So today is categorically a good day because HBO Max has just dropped a trailer for film, Kimi and it stars none other than Kravitz. I can feel the rush of serotonin already.

Helmed by Steven Soderbergh, the man responsible for the light-hearted movie Contagion and Erin Brockovich, the new film has been labelled a "tech-age thriller" by VarietyIt's reminiscent of Her in that it pivots off a 'Siri'-type device called Kimi who listens and records every moment of its user's life. In this case, its user is Zoë Kravitz as agoraphobic voice stream interpreter, Angela Childs, who is giving us hacker energy with her rave-blue bob hairstyle.

When Angela overhears a murder on one of the recordings she analyses for work, she brings it to her bosses who brush her concerns off. In the trailer things get creepy as montages of Angela being abducted and running away from someone are overlaid with Billie Eilish's song bury a friend and the monotone of Kimi replying, "I'm here". We love a little surveillance capitalism.

Those as obsessed with Kravitz as myself will know that this isn't her first foray into the realm of thrillers. In 2017 she starred alongside Lola Kirke in Gemini and of course played the free-spirited Bonnie in Big Little Lies. This time around her fellow cast members include Rita Wilson, Byron Bowers, Jaime Camil, and Erika Christensen.

Kimi is set for release exclusively on HBO Max on February 10, 2022. Watch the trailer for the film, below.

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