The Super New Moon in Aquarius means revolution – here’s what to expect

It's time to reset and embrace big transformations, a New Moon in Aquarius is coming on 9-10 February 2024.

The Moon will be at its least visible point at 9:59 am AEDT on 10 February, meaning that the previous evening the glowing crescent will be absent from our sky.

This is no ordinary New Moon. This particular one is a Super New Moon, which occurs when the Moon is as its closest point to Earth. If this were a Super Full Moon, the Moon would appear bigger and brighter than normal. But since this event will happen during the New Moon, we won't see the visual impact. However that doesn't mean we won't feel its rippling effects.

Super Moons are known to be especially intense versions of what would normally happen during a New Moon. Since New Moons are always a time of rebirth and reflection, this Moon will feel particularly introspective. Coupled with the fact that this event lands in Aquarius – the thinker and revolutionary of the zodiac – the experience will be pensive, even bordering on existential.

It would be fairly typical to feel withdrawn and emotional during a particularly intense New Moon, but Aquarius gives us the power to remain objective. If you're familiar with an Aquarius, you'll know that this sign all too often considers emotions to be the enemy. This sign favours objectivity and rational thought, and uses periods of introspection for thoughts of change and revolution.


What to expect

The Moon itself rules our inner-selves, so expect to feel a desire for innovation and a sense of deep reflection over your current situation in life. Maybe you're contemplating the future of a dwindling relationship, or perhaps you're feeling inspired to start a new business venture. Whatever it is, Aquarius will have you thinking long and hard about the big changes you need to make from a place of true objectivity.

Even those who find themselves typically ruled by the heart will find a new sense of rationality at this time, as Aquarius asserts itself as the dominating force in the sky. The Sun (ruler of your outer-self) will be in conjunction with the Moon – meaning that it also falls in the same sign. Additionally, we have Mercury (the planet of communication) and Pluto (the planet of transformation) also sitting in Aquarius. It's a powerful combination that will push all of us to imbue logic into our thinking and make the transformative leaps we may have been putting off.


How to approach the February Super New Moon in Aquarius

It's auspicious timing to have such a renewed sense of objectivity. This New Moon also marks Lunar New Year, the major point of reset on the lunisolar calendar. Ordinarily New Moons are considered as astrological reset – but this is the biggest one. The moment where the previous lunation, and also the previous lunar year, comes to a close and a new one begins. This is one of the most powerful times to sew your seeds of intention, and begin to manifest your goals into existence. And thanks to Aquarius, you'll be able to go into this period with a fresh mind, a clear understanding of the big picture, and a truly rational view of what you want to achieve in life. Make sure you take advantage of this time to set thoughtful goals or even just contemplate long and hard about what you want for yourself.

Don't be afraid if this time sends shockwaves of change through your life. This is a particularly transformative moment that has the power to make or break relationships or even see you quit your job and move countries. Just trust that your decisions and changes are coming from a point of true clarity that will help guide you into a better phase of your life.

Keep your goals in your mind, and be open and willing to receive the revolutionary energy the universe wants to send you. Trust the process.


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Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash