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The ultimate gift guide to shop for your Aquarius friends

Aquarius Gift Moodboard

A friendly PSA from the RUSSH Team: we are now in Aquarius season for 2024 and if you have an Aquarian to celebrate sometime soon, look no further than our tailored gift guide.

Aquarians are known as the Water Bearer’s, represented by the planet Uranus and the element of air. They are known for being progressive, intelligent, idealistic and highly creative. Much like their element, Aquarians don’t have a single, clear shape and defy typical categorisation. While some are quiet, others are energetic and outgoing and it’s not uncommon for an Aquarius to embrace their creativity, even if they stand out from other in an unconventional manner

Spending time deep in thought and seeking mental stimulation are common traits of Aquarians, alongside having an appetite for all things unique and a tad eccentric. They are also known for their compassion and strong sense of justice, often guiding their actions and views of the world. They are advocates of freedom and modern social action.

When next shopping for your Aquarian friend, start your search with our gift guide to of the 24 best presents for an Aquarius, customised to their traits and astrological alignment.

A Stay at Captain's Rest

A white cottage close to a lake, called Captain's Nest


by charlotte Aquarius Ring

by charlotte aquarius zodiac ring 

LOEWE Sunglasses

LOEWE sunglasses for aquarius gift 

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath 

The Bell Jar gift for aquarius


Baina Pool Towel

Baina Roman Pool Towel for aquarius gift


reMarkable 2

reMarkable 2 gift for Aquarius



Ganni Jeans gift for Aquarius


Jo Malone Diffuser

Jo Malone Diffuser gift for Aquarius


Aesop States of Being Aromatique Room Spray set 


Gallantoro Telescope 


Maison Margiela Lazy Sunday Morning perfume 

aquarius gift guide


Lack of Color Bucket Hat

Lack of Color Bucket Hat gift for Aquarius

Just Kids by Patti Smith 


No. 22 Home Napkins, Placemats & Tablecloth Bundle

No. 22 Home Napkins, Placemats & Tablecloth Bundle


Faithfull The Brand Maxi Dress

Faithfull The Brand Maxi Dress gift for Aquarius 

Maison Balzac Vase

Maison Balzac Vase with colourful glass


Ode Studio Candle

Ode Plume Candle gift for Aquarius


Samsung Freestyle Projector

aquarius gift guide


Frank Green On The Road Bundle

Frank Green Bundle with bottle and cup holder for car


Orbitkey Organiser

Orbitkey Key Organiser in Black 

Koko Black Hamper

Koko Black Hamper with an assortment of sweet treats



Nikon ZFC Camera


GOHAR WORLD Candle Holder

GOHAR WORLD Candle Holder in Silver


Paire Socks

Orange Paire Socks



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