Your Aquarius horoscope predictions for 2022 have finally landed

Aquarius horoscope 2022

Your sign’s ruler, Uranus, is a clear example of the newness and uniqueness that you offer, Aquarius. While all the planets in our solar system rotate vertically, Uranus rotates horizontally. A big part of your magic is your perceptual difference. Like Uranus, you come at things from a different angle. You have the capacity to adopt an objective lens onto life, as if you have an eagle eye view; seeing things topographically, easily noticing the patterns and through lines in things not visible from the ground.

In a way, Saturn is the ground. It is societal structures, the roles that we have in the world, it is time and space, it is grounded and present, with an eye on the long game. As it continues its transit through your sign (until March 2023) it offers you the day-to-day practicalities to land your magic in the here and now. Your future visions fusing into the 3D.

You have the capacity to ride and ground the first wave of new energies, be they ideas, aesthetics, technologies, perspectives. And Saturn is looking at how you have set yourself up to ground yourself and utilise your unique lens here on Earth, within your life.

Saturn will retrograde from the beginning of June until the end of October. Use this time to look at your plans and begin to forecast the next chapter of your life. Part of your energy is naturally self-validating. Sometimes you may not even see the point in sharing your work or your ideas, as you have validated them and already live with them within your world. How do you feel about having an audience? Being seen for who you are and what you do by your community or family or strangers? Saturn is aiding you in the process of thought to form. So, it’s worth getting curious on how you feel about being seen for your creations.

This energy is also supported by Mars’ retrograde through Gemini from late October through to January 2023. It’s looking at your processes of turning thought/idea/vision into form, giving you the chance to assess how you take action with your ideas and how you birth your desires out into the world. Is it a clean process of idea to thing or do you have your own dance steps and rituals and roundabouts? Note it down. Become conscious of your methods and patterns so that you can alter or attune them if need be.

Jupiter’s movement through your house of worth and values and your house of communication offers you bounty and optimism and the opportunity to review the meaning that you apply to your own worth and value, as well as the chance for new perspectives, new teachers, and experiential learnings.

Aquarius, you are being called to be here and to bring more of your magic into the world.


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