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Forever muse Charlotte Gainsbourg stars in Michel Franco’s new film ‘Sundown’

The official trailer for acclaimed Mexican filmmaker Michel Franco’s new film Sundown has debuted, following its premiere at the 2021 Venice Film Festival. Having garnered critical acclaim and praise at the event, the trailer provides a further glimpse into the pensive, undulating film starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Tim Roth, Iazua Larios and Henry Goodman.

The film centres on the marriage of Neil and Alice Bennett, portrayed by Roth and Gainsbourg, whose vacation to Mexico is interrupted by a distant emergency. As one relative disrupts the family order and Neil decides to stay indefinitely in the seaside town rather than returning to their home, tensions rise between the pair in a suspenseful, jarring storyline from Franco. Whilst on the surface Sundown appears a relaxing, sunny tale, the foreshadowing a of disaster or significant conflict prominently radiates.

In a departure from Franco’s previous work, namely New Order and Chronic, Sundown takes a more relaxed vibe, with the pensive and elusive screen presence of Gainsbourg alluring the viewer to watch with intent, intrigue to unpack foreboding plot lines and motifs. When paired with Roth, the pair curate a simmering ambience alongside Larios and Goodman.

With Franco having written the screenplay for the film, Sundown was shot in secret and is due for global theatrical release on January 28. Watch its trailer below and immerse yourself in a world of heat, feuding and family ties.

If like us you regularly swoon over the effortlessly suave Gainsbourg, the actor, singer and director also produced the film Jane by Charlotte with her mother, the imitable Jane Birkin, premiering at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Gainsbourg’s directorial debut, the film is an exploration of her relationship with Birkin now available to stream on Mubi. Read more about the film and view its trailer for an intimate picture of two cross-generational it-girls.

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