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Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg have made a film together

jane by charlotte

A mother-daughter duo like none other. First there was Jane, and then came Charlotte. Now, they have created a documentary together entitled Jane By Charlotte, and it's premiering at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival this week.

The film is the directorial debut of Gainsbourg, which "charts her complex relationship with her actress and singer mother Jane Birkin." According to the film description. Nolita Cinema and Deadly Valentine are serving as producers, alongside Mathieu Ageron. Picking up the proverbial camera after a concert in Tokyo in 2018, Gainsbourg follows Birkin for almost three years, creating "an intimate work that aspires to help the two women bond."

"With the help of a cinematographer, and sometimes on her own with a small camera, Charlotte engages in intimate conversation with Jane and tests her ability to renew the dialogue with a mother from whom she has become somewhat estranged following her American exile. " Visually, the trailer is emotive and heartfelt, capturing intimate moments of the two walking together, curled up in bed together, and talking over tea.


“We’re both very modest when we’re together,” Gainsbourg says in the trailer. “I don’t know where it comes from.” The conversations are honest and raw, “You were intimidating as a child,” Birkin tells Gainsbourg. “I felt privileged to be in your presence. It wasn’t trivial.” and advice-seeking on Gainsbourg's part about getting older, "At what point do you stop caring?" She asks, “I think I’m reaching that point of not caring,” Birkin, now 74, says. “It’s best to take off your glasses. So everything is blurry.”

The two attended the opening night at the 2021 Cannes film Festival together yesterday, arm in arm, both in black suits. Gainsbourg in a three-piece Saint Laurent ensemble, and Birkin in a black velvet piece. Watch the intimate trailer for Jane By Charlotte, below.


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