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A space for inclusion: Cement Fondu partners with Studio A to give us a truly immersive experience with ‘Magical Putt Putt’

cement fondue

Cement Fondu has partnered with Studio A in their latest exhibition honouring neurodiversity, signalling the newest collaboration between the two to take place in January.

Since their launch exhibition in 2018, the two have collaborated annually in support of select artists to create new and commissioned installations for their project space.


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Over the past few years, there has been a collective pull towards the important issues surrounding diversity. We no longer live in a world that can ignore the voices of those who have traditionally been relegated to the margins, one that dismisses difference rather than recognising the joy and power to be found within it. It's this standpoint that Studio A has made a clear focus on their agenda, and informs the artists and works they choose to showcase.

The Studio has worked towards cultivating a space of inclusion, one that reduces stigma surrounding disability and neurodiversity, and is committed to increasing visibility. Thus, leading the way for the mainstream art sector to open up to new ways of accessing talent, ideas and the general perception of the world at large. This here, is one of the many reasons this latest collaboration is an exciting endeavour towards exploring new heights of diversity.

Magical Putt Putt represents a considerable evolution of the partnership between Cement Fondu and Studio A. A selection of artists hand picked from Studio A's neurodiverse community will be given the opportunity to display large-scale installations that will transform the Cement Fondu space into an enlightening and interactive mini-golf experience.

Roused by artist Annette Galstaun's world of abstraction and deep connection to the celestial sphere, the exhibition will include a series of performative activations through the world of Putt Putt. The show highlights the importance of social engagement through collective experiences, themed around the connective forces of recreation and ritual. In Magical Putt Putt, the artists give us patrons the opportunity to challenge these thoughts and think broadly about the changing relationships between individuals and our communities.


Magical Putt Putt opens on Saturday, January 15 between 6-8pm and will run until Sunday, February 27, 2022.