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6 style lessons we’ve learned from watching Nora Ephron films

nora ephron movies

Just as you can pick a Nancy Meyers movie by the tonnage of cashmere shawls and a Richard Curtis film by its Frazzled English Women wardrobe, the touch of Nora Ephron leaves its traces. Her leading ladies are bookish and boisterous, they would've definitely read I Feel Bad About My Neck – then gifted it to all of their girlfriends. In fact, stylistically speaking, they sit somewhere on the tarmac between Bridget Jones and TikTok's Coastal Grandmother.

Meg Ryan is the main reference because as the star of When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got Mail – how could she not be? In Julie & Julia it's Stanley Tucci's Paul that holds our eye, with his belted slacks and rolled-up sleeves. There are others but we'd rather show not tell. Below, 6 style lessons we've gleaned from watching Nora Ephron movies.

A cable-knit sweater

For some, this might not be the most memorable outfit from When Harry Met Sally. However, the cable knit sweater Harry Burns wears when he and Sally Albright are unrolling his rug is supreme comfort. We love how later Sally recreates his outfit with a floppy sweater tucked into baggy jeans. Winter may be over but this inspiration is perennial.

KHAITE Landen Turtleneck



Maybe it's because we're all dressing like a receptionist from the 90s and our Nonnas but knee-highs are back in our fashion lexicon. You know where they never left? When Sally Met Harry. This scene is known for that moaning skit, but we know the real scene-stealers are Sally Albrights clothes.



Cosy Loungewear

There's a reason we all start watching Nora Ephron movies when the temperature drops. The writer and director is the queen of curating a cosy moment, as can be seen in these scenes from Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail.

P. JOHNSON Grey Organic Cotton Sweat Top and Pants

TEKLA Needles Striped Poplin Pyjamas



As we've established, Nora Ephron clearly knows her way around a good sweater. We think the styling of You've Got Mail feels very Miu Miu FW23 with the crew neck cardigans, Marc Jacobs pleated dress, midi skirts and stockings. Some people refer to Notting Hill as their romcom fashion film of choice – this is ours.


nora ephron films

FRISSON KNITS Zeta Multi Green

nora ephron films


The pull of a polo shirt

nora ephron films

As Julie & Julia proves, no one wears a polo as well as Stanley Tucci. But alas, we can try. Buy them with long sleeves and push them up to your elbows – definitely style its with a woven leather belt.


nora ephron films

MAX MARA Plaited Leather Belt

nora ephron films


Bold accessories

nora ephron films

There is something undeniably Annie Hall about this look Meg Ryan's character Sally Albright wears in When Harry Met Sally. Maybe it's the New York setting or the felt bowler hat and gaze-catching tailoring. Either way, costume designer Gloria Gresham deserves all the kudos.

HELEN KAMINSKI Letta Conscious

nora ephron films


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