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Nat B and Emeka JR on their 90s style icons and how they’re styling the season’s biggest sneaker, the ASTROLOUBI

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If there's one thing we simply can't get enough of, it's 90s style. Defined by an unapologetic freedom that celebrates and embraces all aspects of sartorial expression – whether through colours, textures or contrasting scales – its explosive resurgence is ultimately rooted in one uniting factor. Individualism. While we'll always remember the iconic looks that rocked the red carpets and spoke volumes about the trajectory of style throughout the decade, the real inspiration was happening on the streets, where the birth of streetwear and as a result, street style was taking place.

Now, three decades on, street style has become synonymous with fashion, and nowhere have we seen this more than in sneaker culture – a true hallmark of creativity, individualism and 90s style. It's this energy and inspiration that luxury French fashion designer Christian Louboutin has channelled into its newest must-have sneaker, the ASTROLOUBI. Honouring the aesthetic of iconic basketball and skate sneakers that dominated the 90s, the ASTROLOUBI continues Christian Louboutin's strong legacy of bold, dynamic design paired with a fresh sensibility.

"Even if you don’t know anything about fashion, chances are you know about Louboutin’s iconic red sole. For me, the label has always felt sexy, sophisticated and daring," shares Nat Buchanan, model, actor and founder of the sleep essentials brand, Flipkip.

The new addition, which is debuting in five unique colourways encompassing 90s brights, cool pastels and of course a pared-back minimalist version, was designed from the get-go to be the lightest and softest shoe within Christian Louboutin's sneaker offering. In more ways that one, it's a sneaker that can be worn all day, any day; featuring a sporty technical silhouette that is crafted with the latest innovations in mind.

"Sportswear is having a real moment and I’m into it. I love the sports jersey and sneaker trend – it's such a fun way to add personality and contrast when paired with your feminine or high-fashion pieces," she continues. "This is the main way I love styling the ASTROLOUBI, because it allows me to experiment and really embrace all aspects of my style – I always feel most myself when there's an element to my outfit that's a little 'boyish'."

Starring alongside Emeka Jr – a TikTok creator and rising star in the modelling and basketball space, with his sights firmly set on the US league –  and brought to life by RUSSH's Fashion Director at Large, Hannah Cooper, the pair took the ASTROLOUBI out for a spin and onto the courts, a day Emeka describes as "Perfect – everyone on set was amazing and we all gelled so seamlessly. It was great that we got to implement basketball in the set as well and really immerse ourselves in the setting that inspired the ASTROLOUBI."

Here, we spoke to Buchanan and Emeka about their 90s style heroes, the day on set with Christian Louboutin's ASTROLOUBI, and how sport influences their styles.

“My personal style is mainly streetwear; I tend to reach for pieces like cargos, tech fleece, graphic tees, but then add my own flare, as I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to styling, I love to try new things and be inspired by other people, which is why the crossover between sports and high fashion has such an influence on my personal style. And especially when it comes to basketball." — Emeka Jr.



"The energy on set was so chill. The day seemed to flow with no set agenda, and because of this, it felt like there was room to play and discover things in the moment. The afternoon was absurdly balmy for a winter afternoon and the sound of school kids playing nearby felt fitting for us to bound around the court. For once the setting sun was not the enemy, and instead helped us create some really interesting silhouettes that really made the ASTROLOUBI shine." — Nat B.

"I love 90s fashion. They just got leather and denim so right back then. Gwyneth Paltrow’s style (circa Brad) was so effortlessly cool in its simplicity. Other faves are Julia Roberts and Bowie for his iconic suiting. Everyday I'm wearing something nostalgic of the 90s, whether its straight-leg jeans or a mens blazer with a structured shoulder." — Nat B.

"My favourite 90s track will always be The Rhythm of the Night - Corona. The intro slaps every time." — Nat B.

"A song from the 90s that gets me up and going would have to be The Boy Is Mine by Brandy." — Emeka Jr.


You can shop the full collection of Christian Louboutin's ASTROLOUBI sneaker now, online and in store at Christian Louboutin.

Nat wears TODS jacket and pants; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes; GUCCI glasses; stylist's own jewellery.
Emeka Jr wears GUCCI jacket, pants, glasses and watch; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN top; stylist's own jewellery.

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