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Stanley Tucci’s morning routine is completely relatable, obviously

stanley tucci

Some of us have more in common with Stanley Tucci than we first thought. Which a total comfort when you remember that the actor is an upstanding breed of renaissance man. He loves pasta, he loves to paint, Mr. Tucci is a firm believer in manners, and when he wakes up every morning, rather than erupt into cheery sing-song like Snow White and her feathered friends, he greets the day with a sensible "Ah, Christ".

In a recent interview with People, Emily Blunt dropped a few important details about her beloved brother-in-law that make complete sense for all aboard the Tucci simp train. One of which is the aforementioned line about Tucci's morning catchphrase. Blunt described how, "Stan starts each day walking into the kitchen going 'Ah, Chrisssst,' probably from a sleepless night of small children being up or from a night where martinis flowed". Well what do you know, Stanley Tucci — he's just like us!

Blunt went on to say that once Tucci has had his espresso, "he's a changed man". We can also relate. More to the point, Emily Blunt revealed that she's not once seen the man in his socks, which is the point on which we diverge in character. The man is a stickler for tradition – you won't catch him in a pair of runners outside the gym. Us on the other hand? Since working from home, we practically live in sweats and loungewear. A uniform that's perfect for watching Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy in, which we'll be doing more of since season two dropped recently.

As for Emily Blunt, we say keep these family tidbits coming. If we're staying in the area of morning routines, we'd love to hear what the man cooks for breakfast. Otherwise, feel free to share his beauty routine, he's looking positively luminous for 61.

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