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Season three of ‘Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy’ has been tragically cancelled

Stanley Tucci you sensual Italian man. The only thing we'd prefer to tuck into more than you, is the plate of pasta alla norma you introduced us to in the first and second seasons of Stanley Tucci: Searching for ItalyAnd considering it's been months since we last inhaled both seasons of the TV series, we're absolutely famished, and sadly will continue to be for the unseeable future.

In a tragic state of affairs this Tuesday on the Tonight Show, Tucci told Jimmy Fallon that the Emmy-winning CNN show Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy has been cancelled. After only two seasons of the heartwarming journey, as we were gently led through the regions of Italy, led only by Tucci's cravings and an appetite for culture, the show has been canned. Tucci told Fallon, “Unfortunately, CNN has cancelled all of their original programming." In a comforting comment though, Tucci continued, "hopefully we’ll end up on another streamer, network, we don’t know.”

The show's cancellation is attributed to CNN's disastrous launch of CNN+ (the streaming service that shut down only a month after its launch) and their effort to cut costs. Even CNN can't deny Tucci's charm, a spokesperson offering some final words of gratitude and calling Searching for Italy "one of the most successful projects produced by CNN Original Series." She added, "We want to thank Stanley Tucci for his dream partnership."

Until the show inevitably finds its home on another streaming service, not to fret. If you're yearning for some more of those delectable Italian delicacies, why not make one yourself? How about trying pasta alla norma from Catania, bolognese from Casa Artusi or even a Costoletta di vitello from Ratanà, Milan? We have you covered with these dishes and more with recipes straight from Tucci's time discovering the local history and culture through authentic foods from his regional galavanting.

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