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You can now recreate 6 recipes from Stanley Tucci’s ‘Searching for Italy’ at home so it’s time to buy more pasta

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy

You heard us right! Stanley Tucci's rightly-viral new CNN show, Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy has been a predictable success since airing earlier this month. With so many of us dying to see both travel content and Tucci content - it was inevitable that everyone with access was bound to watch the actor mosey through some of Italy's most iconic regions in impeccable resort-wear on a plight to uncover the country's rich culinary history while weaving tales of local culture through the narrative.

The first season of the show has just closed out, and it's left us yearning day-in, day-out for heaving bowls of glossy pasta and perfectly cooked steak. While it's been a hard show to access for those outside of the US, CNN has graced us with a selection of six recipes from the show, to bring your very own search for Italy home. Authentic recipes all in one place, the below selection has been offered up after quite the reaction from viewers, wild with fervour to recreate what they are seeing Tucci get amongst. Us too.

Amatriciana from Armando al Pantheon, Rome

stanley tucci searching for Italy
"This popular Roman trattoria serves up authentic cuisine from its enviable location in the shadow of the Pantheon. Chef Claudio Gargioli is renowned for his quality take on traditional dishes including this delicious Amatriciana, rigatoni pasta served in a tomato sauce made with crispy pork cheek and local pecorino romano cheese."


Pasta alla norma from Ristorante Me Cumpari Turiddu, Catania

"Roberta Capizzi's welcoming Catania restaurant is a shrine to Sicily with everything from the food and wine to the friendly atmosphere showcasing the very best of the island. Chef Gianluca Leocata's version of traditional pasta alla norma is an ode to Sicilian summer with ripe, juicy eggplant paired with a succulent tomato sauce and topped with local salted ricotta cheese."


Bistecca alla Fiorentina from C.BIO, Florence

"For a true taste of Tuscany, all you need is a hot grill, good-quality meat and the secrets of Florentine meat-master Fabio Picchi. The classic Fiorentina steak is served browned on the outside and very rare on the inside for a melt-in-the-mouth experience that encompasses all of the flavours of the land."


Tagliatelle alla bolognese from Casa Artusi, Forlimpopoli 

stanley tucci searching for Italy

"The Casa Artusi foundation, named after celebrated 19th-century cookbook author Pellegrino Artusi, is dedicated to Italian home cookery and gastronomic culture. Their historic recipe for bolognese veal ragù is made without tomato and is cited as the first ever recorded recipe. Quick and simple to prepare at home, elevate the flavors further by adding a sprinkle of truffle shavings before serving."


Spaghetti alle zucchine from Lo Scoglio, Massa Lubrense 

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy

"Chef Tommaso de Simoneof Lo Scoglio celebrates the fabulous flavors of the Amalfi Coast by using fresh local fish and seasonal produce from the family farm at this stunning seafront restaurant. His recipe for spaghetti served with sweet zucchini, savory parmesan and aromatic basil is the perfect example of quality ingredients carefully combined with love and attention. For extra decadence stir through a spoonful of butter before serving."


Costoletta di vitello from Ratanà, Milan 

"Milan's Ratanà restaurant champions both traditional and modern versions of the city's cuisine, such as these iconic Milanese breaded veal cutlets. Chef Cesare Battisti shares his faultless method, which involves a hit of fragrant fresh sage and a generous dose of clarified butter to ensure maximum golden crispiness."

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