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All the pasta dishes to make that aren’t that viral baked feta disaster


Pasta is having a good run at the moment. Since being bought off shelves during all the lockdowns in 2020, and now becoming the star of the viral baked feta pasta Tik Tok food trend that quite frankly, looks borderline disgusting, things are looking up for the pantry staple that was once cast aside in favour of zucchini noodles (what a dark time that was). Without getting into it, I don't want to make, consume, or look at another video of somebody making the baked feta pasta. In celebration of pasta's reign, you can find below the pasta recipes we actually do want to make, consume, and witness others doing the same.


Spiced Lamb and Dill Yogurt Pasta



Tangy yogurt, plenty of dill, rich pine nuts and spiced lamb. There is literally nothing not to love about this middle- eastern inspired Orecchiette recipe.


Caramelised Shallot Pasta



Another viral, considerably less-gross pasta is Alison Roman's Caramelised Shallot Pasta. Jammy shallots pair with bright tomatoes and salty anchovies for the perfect threesome.


Beetroot and Ricotta Ravioli

Athena Calderone's alternative to actually making fresh pasta yourself, is using wonton wrappers to speed things up. While it's far from authentically Italian, if you're nervous about making fresh pasta dough, this could be the shortcut you didn't know you needed.


Red Pesto Pasta


Half arrabbiata, half anchovy dip, for those who aren't into shallots like the aforementioned caramelised shallot pasta, this red pesto version uses the same principles sans alliums.


Spaghetti Vongole


A classic that needs little explaining. Clams, white wine, chilli, garlic, and olive oil make it a no-brainer.


Capunti Pasta



Fresh pasta the easy way. This pea pod-like shape is easy to master for first-time fresh pasta makers, and pairs perfectly with any kind of saucy situation to for the perfect bite.

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