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Singing in the sauna with Milan Ring

There I go, floating on a river so far to go. Feel it all with Milan Ring’s single Drifting, performed here for Rekorderlig's Sauna Sounds live session, drowning in empowering lyrics that dive into the recognisable routine of dysfunctionality. Ring describes how she soaks in her experiences from people and places and uses them to connect with her audiences: "Different songs bring out different emotions but overall I hope that people feel a shift in their vibe in some way or another. I don't want to make music that only scrapes the surface, I want it to dig deep," and this certainly does. She is ying and yang, with an energy that is calming yet overflowing with resilience.

"Performing live, I feel the music always takes on a whole new life, you can feel the way people react to it, at what points they are engaged, what points they move," she explains, "but that initial spark of creation in the studio is one of the most fun and rewarding moments. I could be alone or collaborating, but when the music and energy is flowing and something new is being formed that is pretty special." We're already hooked.