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Missing ‘Succession’ already? Here are 5 TV shows to turn to while we wait for season 4

shows like Succession

So, you're obsessed with Succession? You've managed to get sucked into the endless spiral of terrible people doing terrible things like the rest of us? Then we're certain that right about now you're missing this beloved and sometimes too real, social commentary. Yes, we've all fallen for the series hard and fast, and with nothing left but that final episode of season three to tide us over, we're feeling a little destabilised. You could say the Roy family is rubbing off on us: we want more.

We hear you. That's why we're rounding up 5 TV shows to turn to now that season three of Succession is over. Some centre on mega wealth, others specialise in the infighting of family, a couple feature both. See for yourselves, below.


The Sopranos


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Not satisfied by the corporate cover-ups and crimes of Succession? Plunge into the underworld of the mob via Tony Soprano and his New Jersey-based family. But you don't need us to tell you, we're sure it's already on your list. Just bite the bullet already, but be warned, the show has an ending that will leave you reeling even more so than that final episode of Season 3.




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It's big business but in the country. What does this mean? More space to bury your dirty secrets. And when you're the owner of land the size of Yellowstone ranch, there's plenty of enemies to be made. Good thing the Dutton family are a hardened bunch, always managing to manipulate situations to suit them. Their biggest downfall? Family infighting just like the Roy's.


Schitts Creek


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Take a break from dramas centering awful rich people and opt for this comedy poking fun at them instead. Watch on as the recently bankrupt Rose family are forced to uproot to a motel in the middle of Schitts Creek — a town Johnny Rose, the dad, bought years ago as a joke. As it turns out, the joke is solely on them as they try to adjust to their new way of life.




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At the head of the Byrde family is Marty and Wendy. Along with their two children, the unit uproots the Ozarks in order to pull off a money-laundering scheme and avoid severe consequences at the hands of a Mexican drug cartel. As with the Roy family in Successionthe Byrdes come up against a barrage of obstacles, sometimes within its own ranks.




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Ego fuels this drama between two high finance entities. Just like Succession, Billions is set in New York City and expands on the grotesque lifestyles of the mega rich trying to get richer, so you may want to keep a bucket on hand.


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