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The ‘RUSSH’ editors share their predictions for the ‘Succession’ finale

succession finale

We've come a long way since the Succession cast carried out their first table read, coincidentally on the same day as the 2016 US Presidential election. Six years have passed, 39 episodes have dropped and there isn't a stable of characters in recent history that we've all felt more attached to, even though, as we're regularly reminded, we sure as hell shouldn't be. As Jesse Armstrong reminded us on the cusp of season 4 airing, Succession comes with a promise, and in the series finale we'll see him make good on his word. So what lay in store for the episode ahead?

Obviously, there's no way we can tell without seeing the episode. But that hasn't stopped the internet (or us) before. There are sentimental theories of a sibling alliance that cause me question if they've ever watched Succession at all. There are predictions that Greg will come out on top. There's speculation that Jesse Armstrong will favour a 'Tom and Gerri' couplet. Some even hold the belief that Logan isn't really dead – although I don't know how they've figured that one out. As dedicated Succession fans from the start, the RUSSH editors share their own finale predictions below, along with any last words.

Jess Blanch

Editor in Chief


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I’ll be wearing black for the rest of the week as I mourn the Roy family in my world on a Monday evening (and frankly other days too) reminding me there are families more dysfunctional than my own. My prediction is the last episode will uncover a clue about Kendall’s future path – my favourite character, the lamest, but the one I relate to the most – will he make his final walk on the wild side?


Ella O'Keeffe

Fashion & Brand Features Editor

I am truly unsure how things are going to go. Everything is set up for Kendall to snatch the crown from his beloved siblings and from Matsson, but I fear it shan't be that easy. Perhaps Matsson will prevail and crown Tom Wambsgans as CEO just to stab poor Shiv in the back? Will Roman and Gerri finally admit their burning love for each other? It feels like things couldn't possibly get more unhinged and yet we have an entire hour and a half to watch things spiral for the last time. Somebody hold me!


Jasmine Pirovic

Arts & Culture Editor

We know that Succession mirrors the arc of King Lear, but for the finale I keep thinking about another Shakespeare play, Richard III. Jesse Armstrong told Jeremy Strong to hold this play in his head while preparing for the role of Kendall, so I am of the camp that Kendall will rise – however fleeting – but will lose it all in the process; his children, siblings, and any meaningful relationship. As we know, Richard III remained king for only two years. So my prediction is Kendall will be crowned CEO of a doomed empire, with Waystar Royco sure to crumble after illegally calling the election for Jeryd Mencken. In an ideal world, Gerri and Roman, Tom and Greg, Connor and Willa, Shiv and Nate, would all run off into the sunset together, get therapy and live out their days with their billions, and stop – for the love of God – torching democracy. But that is too much for a girl to ask.

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