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A prequel to ‘The Crown’ is in the works because apparently we can’t get enough of the monarchy

the crown prequel

While we’re still waiting for season five of The Crown to premiere – featuring Australia’s own Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana – it now appears a prequel of the series is in the works. On April 8, Variety confirmed production company Left Bank is in talks with Netflix for the release of a spin-off to the global hit series.

What will be covered in The Crown prequel?

The Crown prequel would chart the lives of the Queen’s ancestors across the period 1901-1947, specifically opening with the death of Queen Victoria – Queen Elizabeth II’s great-great-grandmother – and carry through to her wedding to the late Duke of Edinburgh. As is central to the period, the spin-off would likely look at the reigns of four male monarchs rather than the singular more than 70-year reign of the current sovereign. These include Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and George VI.

Touched on previously in the first season of The Crown and likely to be explored further in the unnamed prequel is the salacious relationship between Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson, alongside the role of George VI as a national leader during the Second World War following his brother’s abdication to marry Mrs Simpson. Of course, one key part of The Crown’s appeal is the attention to detail on set and in costumes, and if the first four season’s have been any indicator, the team’s take on Edwardian dress and the aesthetics of the Roaring Twenties will be a feat in itself.

When can I watch The Crown Prequel in Australia?

While Netflix is yet to give The Crown prequel the go ahead, it seems highly likely it will be picked up by the streaming service given the popularity of the original series. Almost 30 million people watched the most recent season’s first week streaming, in which Emma Corrin made their debut as the Princess of Wales, making it a certified hit.

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