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Is Earth Month the time to transition to shampoo bars?

Shampoo bars

The small things matter. As much as they sometimes feel as though they don’t. It’s about looking for alternatives. The kind that means we consume less and what we do consume has a lighter footprint. Enter shampoo bars. 

What’s so good about shampoo bars?

Remember the Ponds soap that sat on your grandma's vanity basin? Much like those a modern day shampoo bar works in the same way. The big pro being they use less packaging - no plastic containers, just a cardboard wrapping - and are free from the detergents often found in traditional shampoos. 

How to use? Simply lather the bar in your hands once in the shower and massage into your scalp. If this is one step too many you can always just massage the bar straight onto the scalp and roots of your hair. Lather, rinse and that’s it. You could follow with your favourite conditioner, or leave-in cream post shower but as most of these bars are hydrating you won’t need to. 

What shampoo bars should I try?

Shampoo bars are more popular and readily available than you think. Especially if you are prone to browsing your health food stores for beauty items. But our favourite cult brands are equally up with the trend. 

Perhaps known best for his cult products like the scalp scrub and toning hair masks, the Christophe Robin Hydrating shampoo bar is vegan and made from 100% natural ingredients such as aloe vera and castor oil. Formulated to hydrate the hair strands you’ll only need to spray the ends with a leave in mist.  

Australian beauty brand Cedar and Stone is 100% plant based and their products free from harsh and synthetic chemicals. Soap free, pH balanced and hand made these bars contain pure oils, natural clays and essentials oils to wash your hair safely and effectively. If you’re after both your shampoo and conditioner in bar form then Bar None has made both in a hydrating formula. With limited packaging, zero waste and a vegan formulation caring for your hair can be done with consideration for the environment.