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The Ayurvedic practises of Constanze Saemann and her at-home beauty rituals

Constanze Saemann beauty rituals

You look like holidays.

Constanze Saemann's beauty rituals are something to know. She is the Berlin based model you most probably already follow on Instagram. All sunshine dreams, postcards from distant lands and notes from home. 

On the eve of her launch of Basium, an Ayurvedic line of fragrances, she spoke to RUSSH on the importance of Ayurvedic practises in her beauty rituals, why oils play a large part in her routine and knowing it is that the little things that matter most.
Constanze Saemann beauty rituals

What is your morning beauty routine?

I start the day by scraping my tongue, followed by a hot cup of fresh ginger and lemon tea.

I use the Avène Milk cleanser to clean my face first, then I use either a rose or rosemary hydrosol to refresh my face with. After that, I apply the Caudalie Vinopure serum, Avène Tolerance cream or Weleda Skin Food, and the Dr. Hauschka eye cream.

What is your night beauty routine?

The same as in the morning, accompanied by a cup of calming evening tea and a good read.

Describe what you do for a living?  

I have worked as a model for the past years while working on my own Ayurvedic self-care line called Basium, that I am in the final steps of releasing.
Constanze Saemann beauty rituals

What is the supermarket/ drug store/ chemist beauty product(s) that you use and love?

I love buying pure oils that you can get in every health food store like jojoba oil or coconut oil as a body moisturizer and shea butter to put on my hair for my dry ends. I try to stay away from the bigger stores and support local small businesses.

What is your main form of beauty body maintenance? What products do you use on your body?

I love taking a long bath with essential oils, salts and herbs to relax my body and mind. Afterwards I usually put some oil all over my body as my skin tends to be dry. I have been using Monoi Tiki Tahiti oil lately which I discovered on our travels to Tahiti. It smells divine and makes me instantly feel like I am in a sunny place.

How do you keep fit/ healthy? Does exercise form a large part of your routine?

I really enjoy exercising outdoors, so while we are in Berlin I like to ride my bike everywhere I can, breathe in some fresh air while gardening and also move my yoga practice outdoors in summer. Besides that, I am trying to meditate every morning and evening to keep balanced mentally.
Constanze Saemann beauty rituals

What cosmetic procedures/ professional treatments do you have as part of your beauty routine?

I don’t do any professional treatments. Instead, I like to do my own facials at home. I have created my own natural face mask that I use when my skin feels oily or a face steam bath with camomile flowers to calm it down.

What do you do when your body needs to recover?

I turn off my phone, get some sun, have a nap, eat extra healthy food and say no to things I don’t have the energy for.

You’re tired/ hungover/ rundown: what is your beauty hack? 

Sauna with a dip into a cold lake afterwards and if I am close to the beach I love a long beach day to recharge.
Constanze Saemann health and wellness

What is the best advice on beauty you’ve received?

You don’t need expensive skincare products to have good skin.

What is the best advice on health you’ve received?

That health not only depends on the food we eat or how much we exercise but also to have honest and open relationships, a career that inspires us and a meaning that makes us jump out of bed every morning.

What is the one product you can’t live without? 

My herb and essential oil cabinet!

Constanze Saemann beauty routine