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5 products to bring your isolation skin back from rock bottom


While some of us are more into our skincare than ever, the rest of us have done the opposite. Not sure about anyone else, but my pandemic skin is a literal mess. Having a hands-off approach to skincare definitely isn’t working in the wholesome way I imagined, and over the course of 5 weeks, I’ve seemingly become older, oilier, spottier, and duller. All the ‘er’s’. Perhaps my laziness is getting the best of me, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised, but I’m planning a skincare overhaul which might be of interest. In the event where my skin looks stressed and frankly, deflated (or defeated), this is what I’ll be reaching for to bring it back from isolation rock-bottom.


Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub

This scrub is more valuable to me than most things I own, and it’s not often that I go without, it. In the event that I do, my skin kicks up a giant fuss. Made with micro-fine crystals and hyaluronic acid to both plump and slough away dead skin cells, it basically physically assaults (in a good way) your skin back to infancy.


Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

For the natural fans out there. This low intervention fruit enzyme and BHA mask is both hydrating and revitalizing. BHA works to dissolve dead skin and sebum causing blocked pores and congested skin while fruit enzymes give the skin a little polish off to keep it looking fresh. Balance is restored after using a couple of times a week.


Imbibe Miracle Collagen

This has been a gigantic saviour for when my skin is feeling older than it should. Within one week of consistently taking this flavourless bad-boy my skin starts to back itself up again and leaves me feeling plump and bouncy. The best part of it is that it tastes like nothing, so can be added to plain water, coffee, or even soup if taking it habitually is a personal drag.


Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream

When this product is described as delightful, you best believe this is the most accurate of descriptions. Luxurious and rich without feeling overly occlusive, the Dewy Skin Cream makes even the most sallow of folks look like a sweaty 12-year-old with ingredients like green tea, rice and algae to help the skin not only recover, but thrive.


Mukti Dermal Roller

At-home Dermal Rollers cause a bit of a stir in the beauty industry, and the jury is essentially out on whether or not they do a whole lot for the skin when used at home. I’m happy to ignore the verdict in this case, because every morning after rolling my face with this guy, I look like I’ve have 12 hours sleep when I’ve really been playing WII until midnight. For those struggling with severe scarring this likely won’t be the ticket, but the 0.25mm needles on this guy means it creates micro channels in the skin, allowing for hydrating products to penetrate deeper into the epidermis, giving your skin a much needed pep talk.