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How to maintain glowing skin in isolation? We asked an expert

How to get glowing skin

Skincare is a complicated business. And getting glowing skin? A fine balance. So we decided to ask an expert. Makeup artist Isabella Schimid has long been our go-to for shoots. Want perfect skin that doesn't look like it has layers of makeup on it? She knows just what to do. Her skill with makeup and the artistry behind her work are second to none but she knows that good skin starts with a perfect base.

Here, Isabella shares her tips for glowing skin, an insight into her kit and the products she has tested and swears by.

"During this time of self isolation now is the time to really work on your skin care routine. Being stuck indoors and coming into autumn our skin can appear dull and lifeless. Here are my tips and some product recommendations on brightening a dull complexion," she says.

Cleanse correctly

Cleansing is the most important part of your skin care routine. It should take up 50% of your regime every night. When you take the time with the correct cleanser, you will notice a difference in your skin and poor size and your skin will look better.  A non-foaming cleanser or milk cleanser is your best choice as it will not dry out the surface of your skin. Unless you have extremely oily skin avoid foaming cleansers. 

Once you have applied your cleanser gently massage it in circular motions for about five minutes. Then use a clean, wet, warm washcloth to remove the cleanser. That is your first cleanse, repeat the motion again. I know this process seems long and boring, but trust me it works and it will make your skin look healthier and improve the texture. I love the Dermalogica Ultra Calming cleanser, The Ordinary Squalane cleanser, Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing gel.


Exfoliation is everything

Exfoliating is also a key in making your skin look better. Depending on the exfoliant you use,  once or twice a week is recommended. Exfoliating has a buffing effect and helps to remove the surface dryness that sits on top of your skin. It strengthens the skin, brings the colour back and will allow the skin to absorb and accept whatever product you apply next. Avoid scrubs with granules as they can be harsh on the skin and don’t work as well to absorb the dead skin. AHA, glycolic and lactic acid exfoliators and lotions work really well to absorb the dead skin and brighten the skin. I love the Dermalogica Gentle Cream exfoliant, Caudalie Glycolic peel, Cure Natural Aqua gel from japan. 

A tip I use before applying makeup on my shoots is the Dermalogica Daily resurfacer. It's a great leave on brightening exfoliant.


Don't forget to moisturise

Lastly let's get some moisture and glow into that skin. Massaging the skin brings the blood up to the surface and gets the lymphatic system pumping through the body. It creates a slight flush and glow to your skin and should be done every night as your last step.

Use your hands, a jade roller or any other massage facial tool to really work in an oil, serum or moisturiser. I love the Hylamide Glow booster, Tatcha Violet C Brightening serum, Dr Barbara Sturm Glow drops.

To maintain all this hard work you have done every night I recommend using a sheet mask or hydrating mask once a week. Mecca Cosmetica and Sephora have a huge range of sheet masks to suit every skin."