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Does you skincare routine need to change in isolation?

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For many of us, our routines have totally changed. Things like working from home, working less and working more can have an affect on our skin. If our routines have changed, does our skincare routine need to change too?

We spoke to Priceline's Beauty Director Sarah Laidlaw last week on whether we still need to be wearing SPF indoors. Now, we've asked her on how we might look to change our skincare routines in isolation.


Do we need to adapt or change our skincare routines when WFH compared with heading to the office?

It depends on whether you’re in air-conditioning all day at home and consider now that the days are getting cooler and if you’re going to be huddled over a dehydrating heater for hours on end. Take note of the conditions you have been used to working in versus your home office conditions.


What should we be doing differently?

As we aren’t able to go the beautician for any treatments and skin upkeep for now, it’s time to do what you can at home. Make sure your home product range includes things that will up your exfoliation and hydration game. Keep on top of your diet to minimise breakouts and you could try incorporating ingestible skin support vitamins or collagen powders for that extra boost.


Is there anything we should be paying more attention to?

Not everyone will have extra or spare time right now. A lot of people’s workload has almost doubled with the new work from home restrictions. And a lot of people have children or elderly family to care for. But if you do have more extra time, then now is the time to do some real work on your skin.

Keep a little diary of what day you do each treatment, so you don’t overload or overwork your skin. When you don’t know what day it is, there’s danger of overdoing active products that are possibly only meant to be used once a week.

Do that weekly exfoliation you’ve always been meaning to do. It will refresh the skin and allow your products to penetrate into the skin more effectively. You could try a gentle scrub like the Luma Crushed Pearl Facial Polish or an active exfoliant like the Dr Lewinn’s Reversaderm Glycolic Cleanser.

Now may be a great time for you to also start an internal regime to support your skin health. Ingestible collagen and skin/hair supporting vitamins are all the rage right now. Why not take this time to get in a routine that will set you up for when we go back to our usual way of life?

While you’re a captive audience, now is also a great time to try those lash growth serums you’ve been meaning to try. Most need to be used daily for a few months before the effects are at their best, so if you start now you’ll get a good run up on super charged lashes. Check the directions and follow them closely for good results.

You can create your own facials at home with tools like the Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro infusion wand. You use it to apply your skin care products so the beneficial ingredients can penetrate through the skin’s barrier layer for maximum benefit. Or take the time to sculpt (with a guide to sculpting with Gua Sha at home) the contour of your face with a facial roller.