For perfect skin try this perfecting mask

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting mask

Masks always fell into the superfluous category for me. Sure if I ever felt like play pretending I was in some rom-com, chick flick on girls night then a face mask! Definitely! But did I ever think of them as an effective step in taking care of my skin? Aside from leaving a hydrating moisturiser on for longer than normal in some form of “self care”? I did not. 

That was until I used the Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting mask. I get it. Another Beauty Editor swears this is the product that will ‘change your life’. You’ve heard it all before. But when it comes to masks, and more importantly masks that I see real, noticeable difference from then this is it. 

The sloppy description of this mask reads something like a thick, whipped yoghurt, cloud-like, pudding, gel, mousse texture that is cooling whilst you are using and leaves your skin so smooth. But if you’re after something more scientific. I’d explain that the combination of black tea ferment, black tea extract and blackberry leaf extract improve the skin's elasticity and help to fight free radicals. (Free radicals speed up the signs of ageing.) Hyaluronic spheres hydrate the skin and help to maintain your skin’s moisture levels. The skin smoothing effect? This comes from the presence of polysaccharides. 

Ultimately leaving your skin soften, smoother to the touch and plumper. You will look more awake. It almost has a blurring effect leaving your skin looking more even. Like you actually drank those ten glasses of water instead of just attempting to. 

For use? Firstly cleanse your face with something gentle. Simply just to remove any makeup or dirt and give you a clean base. Avoid any cleansers with exfoliators or acids as you will get a smoothing effect from the mask. On dry skin apply the mask over your face and neck. The instructions recommend leaving on for 5-10minutes though I’d say go longer. Mainly just to enjoy the time you’ve already carved out in your day to mask and the cooling, calming sensation of the product itself. Besides, no TV episode lasts just 10 minutes.