The best salt scrub for your scalp and endless good hair days

Christophe Robin Salt scrub review

If there were a product that would guarantee a Good Hair Day then it would be Christophe Robin’s Cleansing Purifying salt scrub

Recommending beauty products is tricky. What works for me won’t work for you. One man’s cheap is another man’s expensive. So on and so forth. So, when reading this review know that my hair is on the greasy side. Probably because I wash it (almost) everyday. Though isolation has really stretched this out. I know you’re not supposed to, but hey, a clean hair day equals a good day in my books. When some people can use more active products on their skin daily with no trouble, I can do the equivalent with my hair. It grows quickly and needs minimal intervention. I also don’t colour my hair or use heat styling so again this allows me to use a product others may find too rough. 

If my hair were to have one kryptonite it would be anything ‘bonding’. An oil based mask. A bond shampoo. Basically any product with hold. It all hangs in my hair for days on end leaving me with a wet-look I never intended. So when a product test goes wrong or I’ve used dry shampoo the day before or I just want good hair that day then I’ll use this salt scrub.

That out of the way, the Christophe Robin salt scrub is basically a shampoo. That also cleanses, scrubs and purifies the scalp. The scrub is a thick paste that is filled with coarse salt crystals that dissolve as you lather in your hands (and I suggest you do this prior to applying) and massage into the scalp. It foams generously and I swear to you your hair will have never felt this clean. 

I think this has to do with the fact that it smells like lemons. A lemon scent will always read clean in my mind. So anything that has both just doubles down. I wouldn’t use this daily. It’s best used once a week or when you're in need of an extra cleanse. 

Formulated with 100% plant actives, it stimulates blood circulation and both strips away skin and product build up whilst it soothes and hydrates the scalp and hair. 

Work into the scalp and roots of the hair, and I won’t use a conditioner. Instead a leave-in serum in the ends of the hair. It gives hair a certain fluffiness. Though in a good way. Perhaps volume is a better word? But volume that comes from air dried hair instead of a volumising product. 

Price wise it is on the higher end for a shampoo. Though as you don’t need much each time you use, and you should use only once per week the product will last you. And besides, when a Good Hair Day equals a plain good day it’s worth your investment.