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The music releases we’re listening to in September

music releases september 2022

Spring is for new beginnings. So what better time to instate a monthly list of the RUSSH team's favourite music releases? For our inaugural dispatch, we bring you a platter piled high with new tracks from homegrown talent like Isabella Manfredi, and artists across the ditch such as Jess B. Let's not delay any longer. Head to Spotify, you've got some listening to catch up on. Below, the music releases we haven't pressed pause on this September 2022.


Forest Claudette, Hologram

Release date: September 2

There are some musical comparisons that are drawn out of laziness, then there are those that just make sense. If you're a fan of Frank Ocean's Channel Orange or Dev Hynes, then you'll want to get your ears around Forest Claudette, immediately. The Melbourne-based artist melts slow, seductive beats with pithy phrasing, and with his debut album The Year Of February promised for the end of September, we'll be milking these three tracks of all their honeyed glory.


Isabella Manfredi, izzi

Release date: September 2

We've long anticipated Isabella Manfredi's solo return to music. In the wake of The Preatures disbanding, the artist has endured many changes, both on a personal and global level. That's why for her solo debut, Manfredi took the opportunity to carve out space to interrogate who izzi really is, breaking this persona down if only to forge it into something stronger and more concentrated. More than anything, "it was quite a healthy, grounding outcome of the last two years to chisel her out of my identity and give her her own role", Isabella explains, "one where the boundaries aren't blurred".

Read our interview with Manfredi here, where we discuss the process of making izzi, and her attraction to folk and country music.


Alicia Davis, Old Habits Die Hard

Release date: September 16

Who hasn't been entangled in a toxic love cycle? Model and musician Alicia Davis takes us to ground zero of this heartbreak, penning a track about a relationship that's run its course, although no one can seem to leave. It's heady and addictive just like the romance at the heart of the song.


JessB, Can't Fake It

Release date: September 20

JessB knows. We can count on the New Zealand-based rapper to amp us up every time, and her latest track "Can't Fake It" is no exception. Play it in the car, at the club, while filing your taxes, literally I do not care. Just turn it on and move. The sonic example of no thoughts, just vibes.

Release date: September 27

Hailing from Brooklyn, Danté Knows has put down roots in Sydney. As for his music? It's an addictive blend of psychedelia and rap, culminating in a sweeping electronic sound, and his latest track "Lost Your Mind" is no different. It's euphoric and all-consuming, especially the great building sounds towards the end of the track.


Chanel Loren, Rollin'

Release date: September 29

Smokey and covered in honey, this is the sound of British-Caribbean artist Chanel Loren. Since being stranded in Sydney, Loren has cemented her style – both lyrically and visually – leaving a trail of us gagged in her wake. "Rollin'" is a slight departure to her earlier tracks, and on Instagram the artist has reasoned that "I never want to be boxed into one genre or sound but to always create in colours and moods".


PRICIE, Big Girls

Release date: September 30

Big girls need that loving too, sings PRICIE. In the lead up to her debut EP It's PRICIE, we've been loving the drops of music that have been tiding us over until the great big wave washes over us.


Billymaree, Melrose


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Release date: September 30

Granted, Melrose hasn't dropped just yet, but if it's anything like what Billymaree has served us in the past, you're going to want to click pre-save on Spotify.

Listen to these standout releases on Spotify.

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