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Steve McQueen taps Saoirse Ronan as his leading lady in WWII drama ‘Blitz’

blitz Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan is one of those actors that always seems to be working. Good for her and even better for us. With See How They Run showing in cinemas as we speak and Foe, a film that sees Ronan co-star with Paul Mescal, currently in production, the actor has lined up another project to involve herself with. No, it's not a new Greta Gerwig production, although we miss seeing that pairing on our screens. Instead, Ronan is set to join the cast of director Steve McQueen's new film, Blitz.

What's Blitz about?

If you're familiar with British war history, then you'll recognise the name Blitz as the nickname given to the intense air raid in which the Luftwaffe dropped bombs over London between September 1940 until March 1941.

McQueen will explore this eight month period through the eyes of a group of Londoners, Saoirse Ronan being one of them. Although details on the plot are admittedly scarce, we're curious to see how McQueen will transform this story. As he's long since displayed an aptitude for making films based on political events, like anthology series Small Axe or 2008 drama Hunger, which delved into the story of IRA member Bobby Sands who lead the 1981 hunger strikes by Republican prisoners in Northern Ireland.

Cast details

Besides the news that Saoirse Ronan is attached to the film, we're still waiting for further cast details to be announced. Although, we do know that Ronan will star alongside an "unknown newcomer" per Variety. Perhaps, they're in the midst of casting this newcomer now?

Release date

Whoa! Slow down a second. Considering that Blitz has only just been announced, there's no release date just yet. When there is, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop. In the meantime, we're just content with the knowledge that another Saoirse Ronan film is on the way.

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