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Saoirse Ronan plays a rookie sleuth in new whodunit film ‘See How They Run’

See How They Run

Despite its bloody content, the wave of whodunit films and television flooding our screens is proof that we're in need of a little lightness. Our brains are simultaneously smooth and stimulated while watching them, and the humour is pitch perfect (Steve Martin and Martin Short is a match made in comic heaven). If you're hooked on Only Murders in the Building and enjoyed Knives Out, then this next sleuthing film starring Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan is one to have on your radar. It's called See How They Run and Searchlight productions has just given us our first trailer preview.

What is See How They Run about?

At the centre of See How They Run is the respected Inspector Stoppard, played by Rockwell and his rookie partner, Constable Stalker brought to life by Ronan. The dynamic between the two is instantly a hit, Stoppard is reserved and cautious while Stalker is trigger-happy and "jumps to conclusions".

Set in the 1950s, when a man is murdered and his body is found on London's West End Theatre stage, the detective duo must sift through an eccentric band of thespians and theatre-goers to pin down the murderer.

Who is involved?

Marking the directorial debut of Tom George and written by Mark Chappell, there's quite a crowd involved to pull off the film. First up as the slain is Adrien Brody. David Oyleyo is also involved, as is Charlie Cooper, Pearl Chanda, Ruth Wilson, Sian Clifford, Shirley Henderson, Reece Shearsmith, Paul Chahidi, Harris Dickinson, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, and Pippa Bennett-Warner.

Is there a release date?

The best news of all is that we won't have to wait long to dive into See How They Run. The film premieres in theatres on September 30th, ensuring us that a glimpse of joy lay on the horizon.

Preview the trailer to See How They Run, below.

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