Your Scorpio horoscope predictions for 2022 have finally landed

scorpio horoscope 2022

Scorpio energy is snake energy, constantly growing and outgrowing itself, shedding skins that no longer support your current iteration of self. Part of that process is the ability to let go of what no longer serves you so that you can keep moving.

The South Node enters your sign in January, remaining here until July 2023, marking a real growth period for you. This is an energy that delves into the shadow qualities of an archetype and works to transmute and balance them out with the higher expressions of the opposing sign (where the North Node is) in Taurus. Where the Nodal Axis falls is where we have our solar and lunar eclipses, and this is the case for your Full Moon in Scorpio in May and the New Moon in Scorpio in October. Mark these in your diary and be intentional with this energy when it rolls around.

So, what is the balancing act between you and Taurus and what are the shadow expressions of your sign?

Taurus works to build a sustainable and sensuous anchor point into everyday life, creating beauty in all of life’s daily rituals. It is a sustaining, reliable and practical energy. Your energy works to move you towards deeper states of knowing by walking through and beyond your own imagined limitations or fears. Being a Scorpio is like having a panther on a leash. The intensities with which you navigate and feel life are so strong and it is highly beneficial for your sign to channel that energy; it can be extremely creative. When left unchecked and unchanneled, it can be self-destructive or self-sabotaging, it can look for intrigue in scenarios where there is none. It can apply meaning or a deep read to something that is more to do with you than the person you are analysing. Part of your journey is learning to let go, to be the Phoenix that can walk through the figurative fire and be reborn from the experience. Holding a grudge for years only hurts you. When you are intentional with this aspect of self, it’s magic, it’s alchemy. If you are not, it can burn you.

These eclipses are checking in on how you are using your strong force, your fire. Are you letting that panther off its leash every day for a big old run? Or are you keeping it chained up and hungry? Taurus can tether you to the everyday, it anchors your energy and can make it more fruitful and sustaining through daily rituals and rest periods.

Jupiter will spend the year in your area of self-expression and the realm of your service and purpose. This is expanded and experiential energy, allowing you to tap into the student/teacher archetype within both areas. Its new horizons, new perspectives and new vantage points allow you to step back and view the self, versus being fixed in how you view the self here. Call in the new – play with it. You’ll instinctually know what is beneficial and what isn’t.


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