Saturn in Aquarius wants you to be a rebel with a cause

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From now until 2023, Saturn will be in Aquarius. Nadine Jane shares what this means for us now and in the future.


Who is Saturn?

Saturn, The Great Teacher, is a planet feared by many but understood by few. Popular astrology associates the Saturn with great loss and trauma, without appreciating the long-term impacts Saturn has on our growth and development as people. From the work I’ve done with clients, I’ve born witness to how Saturn is not out to get us; he is here to help us grow up and show up for the parts of life that matter the most.

As Liz Green wrote in Saturn, A New Look At An Old Devil, “Saturn is not merely a representative of pain, restriction, and discipline; he is also a symbol of the psychic process, natural to all human beings, by which an individual may utilise the experiences of pain, restriction, and discipline as a means for greater consciousness and fulfillment.”—Liz Greene


So what about Saturn in Aquarius?

Saturn moves through one sign about every two years. From now until 2023, Saturn will be in Aquarius, the sign of the rebel and humanitarian. For all of us, but especially those with their natal Saturn in Aquarius, there is a repressed rebel inside waiting to be unleashed. Saturn in Aquarius will force you to break free of the subconscious and physical chains that keep you from living out your true personal freedom.

Will this be easy? No, it will require a fair amount of psychological lifting on your part. It will ask you to look at your fears and barriers towards being “different”, and the loss that you may have experienced as a child when you rebelled against the status quo. You may encounter deep undercurrents of sadness, grief, and rejection around being uniquely who you are, wounds that will need your support on a personal level throughout Saturn in Aquarius.

But in classic Saturn form, the true test will be in your actions. You will have to break free from these internal scars and find the purpose in what makes you unique. With objective thinking and detachment, you will come to realise that the aim of your rebellion should not be to prove everyone else wrong and prove your ego right, but rather to show the world how important it is to think for ourselves so we can think objectively for each other.

Coming to terms with your uniqueness, while simultaneously realising it is this very uniqueness that ties you to the rest of humanity, is a state of immense personal evolution for Saturn in Aquarius. Our differences bind us as tightly as our sameness. Saturn in Aquarius will make you lose the “me” and find the “we”, so you can finally belong to something greater than yourself.


Saturn Mantras For Each Sign—

1. Aries Rising Mantra (Saturn in the 11th house) —

True belonging is a gentle duet between self-trust and the trust of others. You are being pushed to look at the ways in which you stay isolated and stuck in a cycle of perpetual uniqueness. Through actively finding what you share with others, rather than what divides you, you will come to realise the universality of the human experience. And through this sense of belonging, you will discover your place and purpose in the world at large.

2. Taurus Rising Mantra (Saturn in the 10th house)—

It is time to learn to stand on your own in your career. Your fears of failure are old messages from your authority figures growing up, and they are not yours to bear any longer. Move bravely through this discomfort, knowing that the path you are forging does not look like anything that has been done before. You are here to create your own definition of success, to show us that personal innovation looks an awful lot like professional freedom.

3. Gemini Rising Mantra (Saturn in the 9th house)—

The meaning of life, and spirituality, are universal questions to the human experience. But for you, there may be many fears, limitations, or even trauma around the topic of believing. Perhaps a religion or way of thinking was forced upon you, hindering your ability to explore the wild unknown. Now is the time to break free from these historical confines, and come to realise that some questions may never have clear answers, so it is best to have faith in the uncertainty of it all.

4. Cancer Rising mantra (Saturn in the 8th house)—

To be seen by others—for all your strength, weakness, pain, sexuality, and passion—is a gift that can only be accessed through self-acknowledgment. First, you must learn to love all of your dark corners, even the ones that scare you the most, because in them lies your true power. It’s time to go there, to a place of self-honesty, so you can finally experience true intimacy.

5. Leo Rising Mantra (Saturn in the 7th house)—

You are being called to create the space and freedom needed to be yourself in partnership. While you may not have had the room or boundaries to be your unique-self in relationships of the past, now you are growing into your role as an individual within your partnerships. Through the acknowledgment of your individuality, you will become a better partner to yourself and those you love.

6. Virgo Rising mantra (Saturn in the 6th house)—

The way that you treat your health has to matter because the work that you are here to do on this earth matters the most. You must confront the harsh limitations, restrictions, and pain your body has gone through, to devote yourself to its healing moving forward. Create new routines for your health and wellbeing now so that you can be of service to the world for the rest of your life.

7. Libra Rising Mantra (Saturn in the 5th house)—

To be creatively free, and freely creative, is not easy without giving yourself permission to stand out. Perhaps this was real growing up, that the authority figures in your life could not encourage the massive vital energy that lived inside you, but this is not your reality anymore. You must build a relationship with your inner-child, and give yourself outlets for your unique gifts and talents, so that you can fall head over heels in love with yourself.

8. Scorpio Rising Mantra (Saturn in the 4th house)–

It is time to acknowledge and unburden the emotional restrictions you may have experienced in your childhood. The lack of warmth and grounding from your past must be healed in the present by building a home within yourself. Becoming your own loving parent is the only way forward now, giving you a stable foundation that can last a lifetime.

9. Sagittarius rising mantra (Saturn in the 3rd house)—

In order to learn, you must be brave enough to ask. This may have been scary or limited for you in the past; growing up in an environment that did not encourage you to question the norm or step outside of your intellectual comfort zone. But now is the time to break out of what you know. To be a student of life is your only way forward, so grab a pen and paper and get to learning.

10. Capricorn Rising Mantra (Saturn in the 2nd house)—

Take a long, hard look at the scarcity you may feel surrounding resources. While this lack-of, or loss of, financial or material security may have been quite real growing up, it is an area of your life that you must confront and grow in moving forward. Through recognising your unique ability to survive and make ends meet, you will come to discover that the most stable provider you need is yourself.

11. Aquarius Rising Mantra (Saturn in the 1st house)—

Hold space for the fear, loss, and grief you’ve experienced around being yourself. You may not have had space and self-trust to be free in your self-expression in the past, but now is your time to grow into your true identity. Through the process of self-acceptance, you will find your place in the world at large.

12. Pisces Rising Mantra (Saturn in the 12th house)—

The freedom to be yourself, and all of the complexity that comes with it, must start from the inside. You must acknowledge your life-long, and intergenerational, patterns of mental and spiritual suppression. Through getting to know your deep subconscious fears and dreams, you will also uncover its magic—allowing you to both understand and detach from your emotions and the universal human condition.