Your Sagittarius horoscope predictions for 2022 have finally landed

sagittarius horoscope 2022

2022 is a year of strengthening the tension and aim of your bow and arrow. The bow is your desires, your energy and motivations – the meaning you have applied. And the arrow is the destination and direction you wish to apply your action towards, it is the experience and knowledge you are seeking.

For your aim to be true, it needs to encompass all of you. The eclipses and your Jupiter transits have the potential to help you navigate your deepest motivations, to get eyes and ears on your subconscious terrain.

The Scorpio eclipses of May and October tap into your subconscious and it will be interesting to observe your day and night dreams and meditative messaging during this period; as these eclipses are looking to release limiting energies and beliefs that hold you back from fully trusting in your own capabilities. It’s a process of taking the torch of your consciousness into the shadows and finding maps that you didn’t even know were operational. This act in itself allows a wider spectrum of self-knowledge and the ability to be conscious and choose to use these maps or navigate elsewhere.

The eclipses in Taurus in April and November look to how you are building a sustaining daily and weekly set of routines and rituals to self-actualise your potential. And Taurus wants pleasure here too, so it may address your balance of work and play as both are integral. Your sign comes to life when it is in new zones or being expanded by conversations and new ways of seeing and being, and this all falls under play. Wanderlust is a motivating force in your life. Part of your energy is an eternal student, seeking and questing. Allow yourself the space to cultivate this aspect of you. In ways, you find keys to unlocking faster and more aligned routes in your work and purpose through having the space to dream, play and seek.

Your ruler, Jupiter moves through your inner world and sanctuary and your area of self-expression and individuation this year. Here in the terrain of your inner world, you may again have access to new vantage points of old patterning, able to see the root of any ideas or limiting beliefs that are holding you back. It also has the potential to be a period of great optimism – not an emotional experience but an intellectual one. As it moves into your house of self-expression and creativity, you enter a time of fun and play and the joy of existence. Jupiter, for you, is working to expand your territory of what is known to you. It wants you to cast visions, but it firstly wants to make sure that the visions you are casting are from an angle that gains you a very wide and enjoyable vista – aware of all of your patterning and energy so that when you pull back that bow it is with focussed conscious attention.


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