Your December horoscopes have landed: Here’s what’s in store for the month ahead

december horoscopes 2022

December starts off in high spirits with the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius, (the party animal of the Zodiac) but it ends in sober Capricorn. With the Archer’s ruling planet, luck-lord Jupiter, incredibly well-placed in Pisces (a sign it loves), we should all be feeling more generous, giving, and game up through Christmas. When, on the 21st, the Sun dips into stern Capricorn (Saturn-ruled), we will, of course, experience a tone shift, but even this should be seen in a positive light. The end of every year augurs a time to reflect on the previous 12 months and to look ahead toward the next ones. As Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn (time-lord) is wonderfully placed to help us do just that, as we move toward 2023.



Your main transits to think about this month pertain to your Selfhood zone and your House of Home/Security. Regarding the latter: your ruling planet, expansive Jupiter, will light up your Home sector until the 20th. Jupiter is very happy in Pisces, so this placement portends good news around property in the form of windfalls or unexpected living opportunities. You may also find yourself daydreaming or feeling extra creative about making your hearth more poetic (Pisces+Jupiter lends itself to artistic expression). Regarding your Selfhood zone: there you have a pile-up of planets (Mercury+Venus+Sun) to start the month. During the first week, Mercury and Venus will be dallying together, so expect more powers of persuasion with the Messenger and Planet Love in cahoots. Expect, too, an increased hankering for adventure with the rambunctious Sadge Sun. Use the first week of December, then, to sweet talk a friend or a cherished beloved to go on some long-desired trip (be it psychedelic or vacation-oriented). On the 20th, Jupiter moves back in Aries and into the Fun zone of your chart–this is the time to act on your travel plans and celebrate both your season and the culmination of another year.


It’s your season at the end of the month (yay!), but that means the first few weeks of December are afflicted by an introspective, dark-night-of-the soul 12th House transit (boo!). They say that the 12th House is the dustbin of the Zodiac, a place where all our karmic detritus gets dumped. Accordingly, the first week of the month especially, could feel like you’re sifting through the broken glass of the past, while wondering which items in the dustbin need to be recycled and which to be thrown away for good. With Venus (love) and Mercury (communication) transiting this zone, thoughts could turn toward romance and reaching out to old beloveds, if only to fix damaged goods wrought by you or them. Venus is like the superglue of the Zodiac, so keep that in mind when handling thoughts of the past with care because things could get sticky if you act on fixing up that ex-vase. Things pick up in the second week of the month, s Mercury and Venus shift into your sign and your Selfhood zone. This is followed by the Sun on the 21st, as it starts its annual spin through Capricorn for your season and the Holidays. Expect less introspection and more fun–but it could be slightly short-lived, as Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th in your sign to close out the year. New Year’s invitations and RSVPs could get delayed.


The lively Sagittarius Sun highlights your Friendship zone until the 21st, so this is a social month for you. While your nature fancies itself all technologically savvy and advanced, this transit means no nerding out online, but, instead, meeting up with your crew for fun. This cosmic edict especially pertains to the first part of the month, when Venus and Mercury join the Sun until around the 10th. Show love (Venus) and generosity (Sadge) to your friends by letting them speak their mind (sometimes the best kind of giving is receiving the words of others). A particularly robust day for being out and about: the Full Moon in chatterbox Gemini on the 7th. Take a friend for a lovely repast to combine Sagittarius’s generous spirit with Gemini’s social grace. On the 21st, the Sun moves into stern Capricorn, where your zone of Secrets and Private Affairs gets activated. Here you have a real volte face–this part of the chart is all introspective. Expect your thoughts to wend their way back over the preceding year, as you prepare for the new rush of 2023.


You started 2022 with your ruler, expansive Jupiter, in your sign–and you pretty much end it that way, too. Until the 20th, Planet Luck luxuriates in the Fishes for one final transit stay before leaving for 12 years. Dreamy Neptune, your other ruler, also goes direct in your sign on the 3rd. That’s a lot of watery, visionary energy at play for you. Take advantage: while other signs could be feeling bogged down with nostalgic, introspective transits to close out the year (I’m thinking of you, Aquarius), your stars are asking you to imagine a big future rather than a shrinking past. With a lot of activity in your Career zone (Mercury, Venus, and Sun are all there to start the month), it could be that this future should involve thoughts on vocation. Are you living your best, professional life? Or is this a time to make bold moves aligned to your more artistic nature? Jupiter is well-placed to reward risk at the moment. Are you ready to bet on yourself moving into 2023?


Your ruling planet, reckless Mars, is caught up in a big retrograde all month. This wobbly transit will be impacting your Communication zone, which also deals with short trips, errands, and the day-to-day of modern life (in all its inherent annoyances). With your Communication sector thus activated, prepare to feel extra flummoxed by bureaucratic nightmares on the horizon (getting driver’s licenses, dealing with insurance agents, etc.). It could very well be that you feel as though you’re idling or reversing, with “To Do” lists growing exponentially. Suffice to say,. expect pent up frustrations, especially around communication. If that is the general tenor of your month with Mars, look elsewhere in your chart for greener pastures, namely the always adventurous Sagittarius Sun in your Travel zone. While the shorter errands of life look debilitated with Mars in the 3rd House, the forecast for longer journeys appears excellent. Plan a long trip to end the year–it will help balance out the aggravations of the shorter ones.


Ooh la la. Ritzy Venus, your ruler, is dallying in your Intimacy zone until the 10th, where it flirts with the fiery Sagittarius Sun. Last month, Planet Love was all displeased in goth Scorpio. Venus likes bright light and attention–like a cheerleader–while Scorpio prefers the dark to obsess over its wan math rock albums. But now, it’s time to align with this more buxom Venusian energy (coupled with the wild enthusiasm of the adventurous Sadge Sun) to get more physical with a partner. You’re the most sensual sign–and Sadge is the most fun-loving. In other words, go find something lacy and show it off either in the boudoir or at the bar–especially up until the 10th. At that point, Venus switches over to your Travel zone–another strong placement. Here Planet Diamonds will want to bring some some love to learning (the Travel zone also deals with philosophy and wisdom) or seek out some kind of beautiful vacation vista. If you have a desire for travel, satisfy Venus in that way. If you feel like staying home (which is more in line with your Taurus nature), remember that your theme for the second part of the month should be related to knowledge with a Venusian tint, such as reading a book on something like experimental type design. Tip: “New Aesthetic 3” by Sorry Press is a winner.


Your ruler, chatterbox Mercury, is flying all unencumbered for most of December (before backspinning on the 30th, just in time for New Year’s Eve….argh). Right now, it’s placed really well in your Relationship zone until the 7th. Use the first week of the month to have some heart-to-hearts with a helpmate or business partner to smooth out rough edges or to get on the same page, as you close out the year. Planet Chat then moves into your Intimacy zone for the rest of the month. This part of the chart deals with sharing stuff–from fantasies to finances. Again, with Mercury moving unencumbered, this placement could be great for getting clarity with a partner around financial issues (taxes) or erotic ones (speaking up about some new peccadillo that’s been percolating in your fantasy space). No matter how you look at it, though, this is a month that deeply involves significant others (business partners, lovers, extra close friends that maybe should become more but aren’t yet). With Mercury in these two relationship zones, it’s time to talk more about your feelings. Once Planet Chat goes retrograde at the end of the month, communication gets muddled, so start getting clear on things now before the New Year.


The enthusiastic Sagittarius Sun activates your Diet, Workout, and Health zone until the 21st. Sadge energy can get too positive about stuff sometimes, trying every diet fad or new fangled workout routine meant to get you shredded in three days. Don’t go off the deep end at the gym. Be positive about diet and health but avoid excess (which is the bad version of Sadge). On the 21st, the Sun shifts over to Capricorn, where this more serious transit will highlight your Relationship zone. The Saturn-ruled Goat in this part of your chart could have you thinking about your love life–or lack thereof. Is it time for commitment or are you more about career? These kinds of questions will likely be on the docket come Christmas. The good news about this Sun-in-Capricorn placement: it’s sober eyed. You can get lost in overly complex Cancerian emotional circuits, but Capricorn does not. With this in mind, mark the 23rd on your calendar. That’s when your ruling planet, the Moon, glides through your Relationship zone. This New Moon in Capricorn might bring relationship questions to the fore. The Goat’s measured, unemotive influence could be what you need when thinking about your romance outlook for 2023.


You know that phenomenon when a wild friend comes to town–and all of a sudden you get all debauched yourself, doing things you don’t usually do? That’s kind of what the first part of the month will be like for you. The raucous Sagittarius Sun transits your Fun zone until the 21st. You and Sagittarius are both big, fiery signs, and when you get together, it’s like Thelma and Louise. Until the 10th, you also have Venus in your Fun zone, an area where Planet Love gets more lusty and has its joy. To continue with the “Thelma and Louise” analogy, Venus here is like Brad Pitt’s star-is-born cameo (if you haven’t seen the movie, please watch). Oh, and Mercury (chattiness) will likewise be in the Fun zone until the 7th (flirtatious maximus). This is all to say, be open to the magic of adventures and hijinks to start the month. Why? Because your outlook gets WAAAY hum-drum on the 21st, when the Sun shuttles into fusty Capricorn and your Routine zone to close the year. Even writing that sentence is making me yawn. It will be a good time, however, to regroup and get back on track after the party train of early December. Capricorn is very routine-oriented, so health and diet regimens will get a jolt of energy to counterbalance the Holiday splurge.


The first week of December could have you feeling especially festive around your domicile, with both your ruling planet, talkative Mercury, and the madcap Sagittarius Sun activating your Home zone. Mercury with Sagittarius energy here will make you feel more like Gemini–hosting, chatting, partying a bit. This good time vibe continues for the rest of the month, though with a slightly different valence. On the 7th, Mercury flits over to your Fun zone for 6 weeks. This part of the chart deals with letting loose, taverns, night life, but also creativity. What’s more, Mercury will be in serious Capricorn during this jaunt. If Sagittarius and Mercury are more flighty and fun, Capricorn and Planet Messenger indicate getting really detail oriented about left-brain pursuits. On the 21st, the Sun moves into Capricorn, as well, further lighting up your Fun and Creativity zone. This is all to say that you end the year on a definite high note, though you should prepare for a Mercury retrograde on the 30th. Retrogrades are time to reflect–on the year, on your creative endeavours, on your 2023 path forward.


Diamond-studded Venus, your ruling planet, waltzes with the exuberant Sagittarius Sun in your Communication zone until the 10th. Sagittarius can be preachy and overly opinionated here (not fun to listen to) but charming Planet Love will soften this mansplaining influence. This is a roundabout way of saying that you’re in a prime position for year-end Christmas card prose. Sagittarius will lend enthusiasm to the process–and Venus a genuine sense of love italicised by open-hearted candour for friends and family. On the 10th, Venus moves into serious Capricorn, where it activates your Home zone. You may think you don't have much in common with austere Cap, but there is more to it than meets the eye. For one, you are both cardinal signs, which means you each initiate and drive things forward. You are also both extremely elegant (Capricorn especially with its love of splendour). With Venus in the 4th House, it's time to bring some old world charm to your home. Indeed, Capricorn is ruled by time-lord Saturn. With Venus and Cap around, you should have extra luck with antiques or pretty items from the past. Look for objects to your own home or as Christmas gifts to others–Venus likes to beautify whatever and wherever it goes.


You and the other fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo and Taurus) get a break this December after the intensity of last month's eclipses. What’s more, with your ruling planet, steroidal Mars, retrograde in Gemini into the New Year, the cosmic message is to take it easy, especially around finances. You have the super generous Sagittarius Sun activating your Money zone until the 21st. Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter, which is very pleased in Pisces, at the moment. All of these elements combined suggest you could be fast and loose with cash. It’s wonderful to spend at Christmas, but make sure it’s in moderation. Remember: Mars is telling you to take it easy. On the 21st, the Sun transits into Capricorn and your Communication zone. Capricorn energy, again, is conservative. When it comes down to it, conservation could be your cosmic keyword to close out the year.


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