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The RUSSH Magazine digital edition has arrived – here’s where to get it

RUSSH Magazine Digital Issue

After 17 years, RUSSH Magazine's print edition is now available in a digital issue. Because we want to be with you everywhere you go.

For those prone to nostalgia, there's nothing like the feel and smell of a new print magazine. The weight of it in your bag on the way to the beach. The excitement of knowing you're about to be pulled into another world; that creativity, inspiration, intellectual stimulation and life affirming horoscopes are right there waiting for you to dive in.

The practical side of us also understands however that sometimes inspiration is most required on your morning commute. Or when you're waiting to pickup the kids. Or in an Uber to some fabulous party. To which we can finally say – we got you.


The RUSSH Magazine Digital Edition:

Whilst we here at RUSSH are big proponents of the idea that print will never be dead, we also realise that it's 2021 and you want options. So options we will give you.

1. Print Only

For the traditionalists among us who can't wait to get their hands on a copy of our quarterly print publication. For $50 you'll receive four issues of RUSSH delivered straight to your door. Plus a free gift of your choice worth over $150, and access to various unique offers and invites exclusive to RUSSH subscribers.

2. A ZINIO Digital Magazine Subscription

For just $24.99 you'll receive access to four issues of RUSSH in a digital format delivered straight to your inbox the moment it hits newsstands. Available to view anytime via the ZINIO Newsstand app on your phone, computer or iPad; you can get your RUSSH fix anytime, anywhere.

3. A ZINIO Single Digital Issue

Having a one off creativity craving? Or maybe you're just not not sure whether this digital thing is for you? No stress! You can also purchase a single issue via ZINIO for just $6.99.

4. A Readly Digital Magazine Subscription

For the magazine lovers amongst us, we know we might not be the only publication you're fawning over (don't worry, we won't hold it against you). Readly offers a Netflix style magazine subscription service for £9.99 a month. That means you get access to over 5,000 magazines (including RUSSH) on your mobile and tablet without having to choose your favourites. Plus, if you're a first time Readly user they'll give you two weeks access for free. Sounds too good to be true right?


Still not sure whether you're ready to take the plunge? Have a sneak peak into our 'Oasis' Issue via our Editor's Letter. Or go on set with our ‘Oasis’ cover star, Olivia Vinten.



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