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Smell the new bed of roses with new RoseDior

By now, it's really no secret that Monsieur Dior loved his roses. From Dior's signature fragrance Miss Dior's Rose N'Roses down to the twelve different roses that made up the high jewellery line Bal des Roses -  ten years later, we feast ourselves on another garden left to flourish introducing artistic director Victoire de Castellane's new RoseDior.



RoseDior 2


Another tribute paid to nature and the beautiful floral and fauna that bloom as Victoire de Castellane's RoseDior sees its way as a poetic homage to Monsieur Dior's favourite flower. Jewel encrusted precious stones and colourful powdered diamonds affixed on every piece, the collection boasts fifty-four figurative pieces of delicacy including necklaces, petal concealing time piece La D de Dior, brooches, rings, chokers and rosebud earrings.

In true Dior fashion the collection is majestic at play, luxury's finest secret garden. The collection confirms Dior's Victoire de Castellane true mastery in colour and eye for each and every detail, Dior's new high jewellery collection RoseDior taking it's inspiration from the rose as nature's finest delicacy and mystery. From a fresh rose bud picked in the morning dew to the petals taking life in the evening, each piece is a bouquet in itself with diamonds and sapphires, emeralds and mesmerizing rose vines encrusted with precious stone.




However, Dior's secret garden somewhat doesn't remain too secret indeed as the Maison of Dior invite us once again behind the closed doors of the atelier with an intimate insight introducing an exclusive Savoir-Faire. From sketch to stone, each jewel is hand set, cut and finished with immaculate precision and craftsmanship that has heralded Dior a legacy in luxury and high jewellery.

Dior and rose enthusiasts worldwide are now invited to experience and admire the collection for themselves whether it be the rose gold necklaces, yellow jewelled leaves, secret rose crowned watches, the full collection RoseDior is now available on and throughout all Dior boutiques.


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