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A Dior home affair with new Granville Dior Maison collection


It is often said that in times of captivity is when human imaginations really flourish. We have seen this with the great writers, painters and musicians of our time, producing their legacies in times of dire strife. We may not be so heart broken as Van Gogh or living on life's knife edge  - coming to over a year of international lockdowns, we can detest that perhaps dreaming of travel has become our favourite day dream and fantasy.

This season however, the house of Dior proves that we weren't the only ones dreaming. With its new homewares collection titled Granville designed by Dior's Cordelia de Castellane, the fruitful gardens of Normandy collide with Parisian chic, celebrating the beauty of nature, botany and Monsieur Dior's fondest memories.




Beautiful sculpted Murano glass vases and vessels iridescent in hues of amethyst, emerald and blue gray and fine tableware, intricately hand painted with vines, branches and botany - Dior paves a gentle gratitude forward for all of life's beauty.

A point of inspiration was to pay homage to Monsieur Dior's love for all flowers and florals having written, “Above all, I loved to learn by heart the names and descriptions of flowers in the color catalogues from Vilmorin-Andrieux,” found in his intimate memoirs.




In sheer admiration of the gardens of Normandy in Northern France, Monsieur Dior's fondest memories from his memoirs are captured throughout the Granville collection, a lifestyle to be brought to ones home. A collection that extends itself to include a series of plates, delicate boxes, candleholders, hand painted glasses and small trays - Monsieur Dior's complete fascination with nature, beauty and botany is individually attributed throughout each piece.

Now with Dior's Granville collection, Monsieur Dior's countryside dreams of hydrangeas, wisteria and delicate branches can find their way into anyone's home and table. Dior's new homeware collection, Granville, is now available to explore worldwide on dior.com.


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